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NEW Elden Ring DLC Boss Revealed, EARLY DLC Play Session, and MORE!

EmptyEnnui: "Godwyn isn't associated with the Omen", but literally the closest siblings to him are Mohg and Morgott genetically.
sparshkapar5254: Bro saw the new enemy reveal and said “alright bet”
iammaleniabladeofmiquella9159: I can't wait to see my brother again, it's been 2 years, I'm sure nothing has happened to him and he definitely won't kill all the tarnished who come looking for him
VulgoPJ: The posture of the new boss reminded me of the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, from DS3, hunched over as she walks.
wesleiwdp: Also there's the chance this isn't really a boss, like in all fromsoft games a lot of "common" enemy designs can look intricate enough to look like a boss, my guess is that this is a common enemy and at the maximum a dungeon boss.
SirianXM: The creature's feet almost match the feet of the two figures piloting the lion-dragon thing from the trailer
Carmela-bixoxo: Bandai.\n\nLET ZIO PLAY THE DLC EARLY.
Micolashcage1: Bandai.

thegodofsoapkekcario1970: With those chakrams, don’t forget we also have the Crystallian chakram weapon, so I’m hoping this is a new weapon class.
allanwhittle4603: I'm going dark on this news now. I don't want to see another trailer. I think they have shown enough.
painhurtssometimes2185: It’s pretty annoying they always choose big streamers and stuff for the early access when they’re not even fromsoft related content streamers or really huge fans at all. I feel you Zio you’re a YouTuber who definitely should get an invite for stuff like this.
RealCutieMutie: To be fair, Godwyn doesn't have any Omen traits that we know, Dung Eater also has no omen signs and still he is Omen by heart.
Godwyn not only is son of Godfrey (leader of the crucible knitghts), but also brother of Morgott and Mogh. The only son of Marika and Godfrey to not have Omen semblance, making him the odd one out.
I would not be surprised if in DLC we find out Godwyn had some kind of connection to the Crucible and that is in part why the Death curse exist.
mesmedor: I could imagine Miquella using the power of the crucible to attempt to restore Godwyn.
eddieparks9714: it’s coming soon boys
MilkyJoe73: The enemy looks like they could be one of the dancers inside of the lion puppet from the trailer
simenalexander2976: Not first but I have a cat on my lap
dynamicflashy: I like to watch official trailers because it makes me excited to finally see what I saw in the trailers, in game.
I was so hyped when Beast Clergyman became Maliketh.
38Jim: I want to be as blind as that swordsman Malenia trained under
ORBrunner: The heavy use of chacrams can be an indication of older cultures too
They are ancient weapons from India and has connection to the most respected god of India's pantheon - Visnu
It is also a small and interesting detail. It is not the first time when souls series had shown some Indian elements - for example in DS3 the architecture of Ringed city was very similar to ancient cities of India
samvelfuen: Its me or the pose of this new boss is like an uterus? At least a silhouette. Something like "Mother blood" or something like that, the godess that Moghwyn talk.
FFFFPPPP: That appears to be the big lion boss with the cloak off. The feet are identical and it has the omen horns and the size and posture appear to be consistent. The feet are the big giveaway.

May 18 2024

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