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MORE Elden Ring DLC Trailer Secrets Found! | Shadow of the Erdtree

seanoconnor5473: Miquella, when you first get into the Shadow Realm: “Alright, what’s goin on tarnished?”
uncleol: I swear we will keep finding new stuff in the trailer 2 years from now.
morgymomo8535: Why is nobody talking about the giant boomerang that the guy in the purple swap throws at the player?? its gotta be one of the new throwing weapons!
hhowdy: I’ve seen in the comments multiple people saying how they’re on break or something like than. And I’ve noticed that everytime Zio posts it’s basically near lunch time in school as well. He found the perfect time to post videos lmao, when everyone is free to watch in the work day.
Tyanus2: What if the person missing from the painting is the father of the baby, with the person sitting on the chair being the old head of the house, that would mean that they don't want to tell us who the father is.
kientmartin5447: It also looks like messmer has both of the godskin bracelets on. One of their bracelets on each hand.
denberz711: Nothing like waking up to a Ziostorm video posted 1 minute ago.
joshz7712: Personally, I think Miquella is in the cocoon. I think the quote refers to the body being a husk and Miquella's soul no longer being attached. Kinda like he has transcended his body.
jackburton4426: I just considered that among the 8 new weapon types, not even thinking that they are probably adding some new weapons to the classics we already have
redheadsilver8041: The iron maidens also grab you with snakes. The woman in the iron maiden is holding a baby, swaddled in cloth, like the GEQ and her newborn godskin apostles.

I think Messmer was born the same way as a godskin apostle. Through the amniotic sac. Like a godskin apostle/noble, Messmer seems to assimilate physiology foreign to him.
ShrimpEmporium: I mostly remember the painting for the epic violin that plays during the shot
somedonkus_: Arise and shine ye Tarnished!
Henbot: Suppose the painting in the dlc trailer could be a family portrait ? Thus it could be that the painting is damaged and we learn that in the dlc or they deliberately showed off a damaged family portrait

May 15 2024

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