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Legitimately BROKEN Lightning Claws Elden Ring

matthewgiordano4908: LOST! That first invasion was the most satisfying thing I've ever seen in ER PVP
bengordon1849: Should have teabagged the two moonveil users
zqneuwu160: God, that first invasion just shows how bad people can be without crutches
Constellasian: The first win was an epic comeback. Those moonveil spammers deserved that loss.
Bentbire: You KNOW the guys in that first invasion went "THATS NOR FAIR >:(((" after abusing some of the most annoying pvp weapons in the game, git gud simply and purely.
GhostGrave_: The first two battles gotta be the best I’ve seen inna minute
vuuhl8605: When I run claws I put impaling thrust on them, its a lot of fun

May 18 2024

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