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Ken Kaneki Build in Elden Ring is INSANE Tokyo Ghoul Build

zachking7883: Fighting malenia at the start is perfect. It’s like you’re going through kanekis torture
Ankerush: I don't know much about Elden ring but I can't help but feel like fighting Malenia at the start of your run is an absolutely insane thing to do, right? Right??!
Like the dedication?!

(I hope I'm reacting correctly
altar1884: Bro gimme that choso solo build
kobeybryant4383: my pants just explode when cloudy posts
kanekikun-ek7oh: Thank you cloud that you did the build
davidclavijo6192: YEAHHH i remeber i asked you for this aswell!!!
00fersonev61: Gotta be cap
eternalmidnight7179: cloud my glorious king
sheltonneale9680: Thanks
Your the best youtuber

Jun 02 2024

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