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Kai Cenat Reacts to Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Trailer

Leo-nd7lx: we getting 3000 deaths with this one
swuhzyy: We love to see Kai’s Elden ring phase
user-mo5tw1ny2n: Wait till Kai finds out about builds
Acrazy: Is my music good ? Be honest
blueshift3617: Kai went from trying to explain the lore to dissing Malenia back to trying to explain the lore lmaoo
huyphanq.1071: Somebody need to tell him to do a Vaatividya ER lore marathon.
tweakxyv: Bro trying to make his own lore
KickGonna: kai spitin' facts on the final boss gaslight, its always the side bosses the ones that really fk u up (khalameet, even malenia herself its optional) thinking like soul player already, shit's dope bro
CharisseJVachon: For anyone wondering, you have to beat Mohg in Sofria to access the DLC. The broken bridge behind Mohg and hardboiled Miquella is where you will have to go. So get to it.
aaronyaegar1557: Kai theory crafting at the end just shows how deep in he his
dustpro_5142: This playthrough bouta be wildin
dubssalamander: Kai’s gotta watch vaatividya’s lore videos!!
supersomeone9032: I’m liking this Souls phase Kai is going through
Fazemaxx32: Kai always finds way to react to stuff & make it entertaining
Fazemaxx32: Kai never disappoints his reactions
joeypintozzi4522: I'm so happy kai likes this game, for all the pain that it has caused him
fimjomoi6476: Shadow of the erdtree play through bout a be lit
jasonbelcho8609: im ngl kai should watch lore vids on stream lmao chat would prob love that
anonisnoone6125: "I gotta understand this whole shit"

Bro did not understand anything.
GuyFromWashingtonDC: Kai’s Elden ring era is the best one
x3mslayer: Gotta love the theory-crafting, that's what it's all about!
aresrivera9744: Kai needs to watch lore videos

May 23 2024

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