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I streamed until I beat Elden Ring AGAIN it was a mistake.

Tkabooey: More like Sheldon Ring. Bazinga.
Squeex: Leapin’ luddy
aternaljoy7649: Squeex taking your wife to the moon while you stayed back on earth in the greatest cuck chair ever built was such a funny ending to the stream. Especially as Ranni's questline was your idea and you used her sword the whole game after you got it.
aternaljoy7649: I no-lifed this whole stream, it was such a treat. I really wish you'd marathon some more souls games, it's always such great content.
NinjaSaul60: Thank you shake drizzle for putting yourself through watching so much of ludwig
MrCommentGod: It’s all fun and games Until you realise you didn’t click the Go Live button 59 hours into the run
zynthio: i saw the thumbnail and was like WAIT AGAINNN? Then realized this is just a highlight of the stream, I no lifed that stream that weekend. Went to bed after lud and woke up in time for them to resume the game. What a good time
weirdx2021: There was no reason to make that game any harder, that game has done things to me that I cannot describe
K311WasHere: squeex's character looks like his wife divorced him by giving him two black eyes and yellow fever after taking the house and car but leaving the kids
robertvries1: jokes like "look between the Q en E" followed up by "look between the Q and R" are the reason you guys are so awesome to watch together.
goosedwrld: It's tragic that not a single "Leapin' Luddy" made it into the vid
NotMac: Squuex and Ludwig streams are always so fun
Zewildseagull: Bros completing all of life’s side quests
aaronschouten-su4yp: why was sqeex so good at the RP? mans been practicing for smth.
kabagal: LEAPIN LUDDY!
davidnickels1265: You know, despite almost every video being a "mistake" lud sure makes a lot of money
xyrois272: Already a LEAPIN LUDDY classic!
ThisIsChris-Anime: Squeex is unironically good at limmericks
moogle6K: "Is it down f-ing wind???" actually had me rolling
JohnnyCage541: squeex saying "look between q and e" and Ludwig saying "look between q and r" immediately after is the most poetic thing I've ever seen
escheee: The ending is crazy

Jun 02 2024

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