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I Played Shadow Of The Erdtree. Heres Everything You Need To Know Elden Ring DLC Review

SoFCeO: It's been 84 years...
glove98: Dom I’m happy you got picked to play it early! One of the best for elden ring content!
mrboyd3432: I was definitely expecting clickbait
mattg6106: The light greatsword has all of my attention. I've really wanted two-handing a weapon to feel like a legit option and this seems like it's it.
SmoughTown: Hi Dom!
james_tiberius_kirk73: Ok. I have just officially lost my mind from excitement after watching. Thanks Dom!
liamwhite8822: Dom you have made not only my day but my week and month!, I’m a 34yr old man and I can’t remember when I’ve been this happy!, god bless you my friend, you are a Legend
HikoSeijuroXIII: You forgot the most important category: fashion.
dashingkangaroo6372: Freakin hell, Dom. I was totally expecting clickbait. Thank you for not being that kind of person. I love this. My 1 week PTO is definitely gonna be amazing.
jerrychicks2420: The light great sword really sounds great.

Jun 05 2024

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