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I played Elden Ring with an ACTUAL GREATSWORD

chickennugget6684: So this is what failing the stat requirements look like irl!
standieNL: In an alternate timeline, Elden Ring did come out in 2005 with this accessory and nerds became ripped high school bullies.
BigRigCreates: Big Sword

trebius6960: When he said: "i am one with the greatsword" and proceeded to do lion's claw irl, i genuinely stood up from my wheelchair
Darkabyss290: You deserve way more than 15k subscribers my guy, this is absolute chad level shit
dytabytes: In the future, if you wanted the sword to hold up better, you'd want to actually get a full-length dowel that would go straight through the plastic blade that you printed, instead of just having it for the handle. That's how a lot of cosplayers design our big prop builds when we 3D print things! The secret bonus is that having that hole down the center of the whole sword also makes the print faster, since that's less PLA to extrude :D
lethimcook444: Bro invented a way to play and workout at the same time
sorensouthard927: Why does he play this game better than me when he's using an actual greatsword.
brkic8400: oh this video bout to blow up
Ollapss: thats actually so incredibly cool, good luck on future projects!!
krusllee3299: The Legend of Marika: Skyward Greatsword

kingjohn8980: Imagine doing this in a bigger room with a VR setup using the first person mod for Elden Ring.

May 10 2024

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