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I Played and Ranked Every Unfair Enemy in Elden Ring

laesar2299: The most unfair enemy is easily the revenant, those mfs just don't stop attacking.
notareptilianiswear.6600: Getting jumped by a rune bear if you’re a fire giant is probably like having the world’s most pissed off Guinea pig come after your ankles.
ianwalker2428: Most unfair will be a grunt that pushes you off a ledge juuuuust before a bonfire. DLC tradition.
PerfectlyLost: Next beat the game as a lightning goat!
torgansumrio8282: The birds aren’t a problem by themselves. It’s when your stun locked from 2-3 birds and some random soldier that you really want to put your fist through your screen.
Never_heart: This entire video makes me want someone to make a mod where you turn into the enemies you beat so you can just keep rolling bigger and bigger until it becomes a proper kaiju battle against the ancient dragons, Astels and Elden Beast
tylerhawksmoor9601: The cute lil glowing blue guy is absolutely gonna be a lure, like an angler fish, and turn into something horrific when you get close. that's been haunting my nightmares until release day. he will be unfair.
johnnyjoestar4473: By far the most unfair enemy I've fought is definitely the teleporting spirit knight in Castle Sol. I went in for a backstab first time I saw him and actually just got "Nothing personnell kid"d.
astralallie: Most unfair enemy for me is the rune bear, I got bullied by them in Limgrave. Took me longer to take one of them down than most bosses xD
xenoman3316: That dude with the rapid fire explosive crossbow in Raya Lucaria guarding the azur staff. Straight up unfair
bleszekd9068: In my opinion the most unfair enemy in elden ring is .... player/ invader. It can heal its hp multiple times, has a different weapon from time to time, abuse op stuff like bleed,cheese magic,99 strength and just 1 shots yo, sometimes abuse bugs in game to troll you, make fun of you the scariest thing.... it has a dodge and can roll a hit. GG nerf invaders thank you. xo xo<3
Renzo-vm4rh: The most unfair enemy for me might just be the sniper lobster tbh. The name says it all
ColonelMustache: The white runebear at the edge of that cliff was my Moby Dick. It’s so much harder than everything else. The best part was when I killed it and realized there’s no point to actually fighting it - your only reward is the item on the cliff that’s easy to grab without fighting.
justsomeguywhoislost9379: the most unfair enemy is of course the one enemy that has remained across all souls games as the number one killer, Gravity
bogglefroggle: Royal Revenant.. that thing made me want to speak to the manager
Alyx0.2: The most unfair enemy is going to be the sniper lobster, maybe not for this challenge but as a player in normal play. I hated them in my first run and since then made a habit of running huge circles around them in subsequent runs. Not because they are hard to beat, rather cause getting sniped from of screen with little chance of reacting to it just feels bad to me.
argus_lunge9026: Dog not getting a chance is just a massive skill issue on Lackluster Chest's part.
Also the most unfair enemy will be a new twist on the mimic.
fangedkate: the most unfair for me was probably getting killed by that one dog with bugged damage. scary.

Jun 03 2024

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