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I Played and Ranked Every Dragon in Elden Ring

phobia_master-lord_of_early: YEEEES, MAGMA WYRM MY BELO..... where is makar? Where is theodorix?

Count.Saruman: Fortissax: Resists holy by 80%

Lord Radagon of the Golden Order: Looks like I'll just have to cast five times the spells.
ShikiRyougi05: My favourite dragon you ask?
It's gotta be Gore Magala from Monster Hunter!
ENRAEGE: My favourite dragon... Gotta be Kulve Taroth in Monster Hunter World, followed by Velkhana.
borsizsombor2671: My favorite dragon? Has to be my boy Spyro, cant leave him out.
lukasottiger8912: The ginormous fukin dragon Gransax in Leyndell is just so cool. Definitely my fav even though he's dead.
blondegirl7240: Midir is the best Dragon
5lives17: Favourite dragon gotta be plaucidicax due to the fact your not fighting him at his full strength and he can still put you down in seconds
Voidmaster2812: Oh Favorit Dragon? I think it’s gotta be Smaug! But I also adore Velkhana from the monster Hunter series, Fortissax and especially Giratina!
erekle4613: placidusax is definetely my favorite, not only does he have a cool moveset he also has a good boss fight
zunderminer3079: Two elden ring videos in fast succession!!!
Can already tell this will be a banger!

Also my favorite dragon gotta be fortissax! He’s body being corrupted by Godwyn’s death blight looks cool as shit, he’s lore is cool and sad, the music during the boss slaps and the presentation is sick!

Jun 02 2024

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