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I Noticed Something Interesting...Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Story Trailer Lore Analysis

kingtk5848: I think Marika pulled a Griffith and sacrificed her people to become the vessel for the Elden Ring. The scene even looks similar to Eclipse in Berserk.
2JOfficial: The guy in the wide hat is the same guy who does kung fu in the original DLC trailer..
borderlandish1140: Marika also has a braid. Miyazaki also said this is the story of how she created the golden order. To me the bracelets and bracers pretty much confirm it's her. They show Miquella later in the trailer as a kid in the second half of the trailer.
piodelgado2890: About Miquella abandoning Trina, I somehow feel, that Miquella was the true successor to Marika, he was destined to godhood among his demigod siblings. Maybe in order to become a god, a demigod needs two personas: Marika and Radagon, and Miquella's case, Trina.
trzaskubejbe: Marikas hair seems red because of the red light reflecting from all the bloody bodies around her.
kingnro1: I suppose Miquella could've been trying to metamorphose into St. Trina inside the cocoon, assuming that hosting the Elden Ring to become the God of an age requires a female body. So, becoming Trina might've been the "fate" that was in written in the stars for Miquella all along - he was an Empyrean, after all.
_aibber: The tree symbol on the soldier's helmet reminds me of the carvings depicted on the entrance to the Erdtree, where we see what looks to be the Elden Ring, a tree above it, and then what appears to be another tree - a bare tree - at the very top. The helmet design reminds me specifically of that uppermost, bare tree.
mohammedrazaesmail6934: Someone also brought up that the betrayal in question could be Marika posed as Radagon could have seduced the glome eyed queen and the baby they have is what marika used to steal those golden stands in the beginning to make the erd tree since that entire location looks like people have been skinned

Marika has done that before by using radagon to have children with rennala

She might have even seduced Plasidax and become his lord as radagon and after the dragons found out about her betrayal, gransax attached leyndall
thatrandomguycommenting1261: Plot twist he is the bad guy. As you enter the final room you hear "I am Miquella blade of Melania"
clernt92: I thought it was Miquella right at the get go. I can see how it can be Marika too.
blizzardgaming7070: From the looks of it, Messmer might be one of the oldest demi-gods. Thus meaning his father could potentially have been a fire Giant rather than Radagon.
capollyon: At this point Radagon could have existed, however he got the red hair after defeating the Fire Giants who cursed him with red hair and he hated it. And I do not think it could be Miquella, since he was not even born at this stage.
aLoneFox19: That trailer was an absolute BANGER! I had JUST woken up when I saw the tweet about the trailer! I wanna say maybe it's hair. But my theory is this and Imma call it right now, Messmer and the Gloam-Eyed Queen have some sort of relationship status. I'm almost certain now at this point Messmer AND Melina are the children OF the Gloam-Eyed Queen AND that BOTH are Byproducts of Marika and the GEQ. But this is just speculation of course but I'm not too sure and again just pure fun and speculation
Riff3000: Not miquella, that scene is maybe the foundation of the Erdtree, how was made, in the left, shadow, in the center, golden and light,, Marika is ofering something to someone ( external deity or something) to create the Erdtree. Remember that the big one tree is growing by bodies in his roots, ro, we observe in the secene a lot of them, maybe the massacre that Mesmer does
cod2185: Is marika radagon, or is radagon marika that is what this trailer had me questioning.
formatomi: One interersting detail is that Miquella in the cocoon in Mohg's arena has a spiral-like ring on his ring finger that looks the same as the bracelet in the first shot of the trailer, which made me assume too at first that the figure is actually Miquella and not Marika.

Also cool hat guy was already shown in the previous trailer too as the martial arts character.
DougRobertson: Messmer is based on the summerian god, Ningishzida, which translates to "lord of the good tree". Messmer "planted" the Erdtree by piling up corpses. That first scene shows Marika entering the Erdtree, which we know has a gold lining around it. The Erdtree roots are always surrounded by corpses. Marika surrounded the Erdtree in gold to veil the fact that it is made entirely of CORPSES. That is the shadow of the Erdtree.
Boss_Fight_Wiki_muki_twitch: It looks androgynous, like Marika mid transformation into Radagon.
MrStarWarsCollector: The woman in the burning city could be the glom eyed queen as the spiral sword could be the godslayer’s greatsword

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