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I made Elden Ring into a Roguelike

dove2709: Unfair playthrough, Lenny. Jelly's girlfriend's Mum floated down and forced him to gather strength through a succulent Chinese meal. He was the Goku to your Homelander.
Jianichie: "I am Malenia, blade of McDonald's, and I have never seen my feet."

HarryBook: can we get another Jelly eats review video please thank you
realkingofantarctica: "So there's this guy~"
ollaphobos8988: Wouldn't it be awesome if instead of Elden ring rougelike it was Elden float and it floats down.
_MartinChess_: Never clicked faster
Gentlemancat411: it floats down more like it floats down
GracefulTrumpet: That is.. not a roguelike?!
thatonepronoun7503: float down
GiomDe: such a good concept, cant wait for part 35 with micheal himself
BrunoMalagone: this has the same vibe as those "we randomize our starters and then battle" pokemon videos. actually very entertaining, nicely done Lenny boy

Jun 07 2024

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