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I hosted The BIGGEST Elden Ring Tournament of all time

star0chris: Bingus.
ashyronfire: I love Bingo Brawlers. But you picked the funniest picture of Aggy possible for the thumbnail. Guy looks like he's just realized he left the oven on in his house in the states.
FARTYGARTYY: Now bring together the worst Elden Players for Bingo Brawlers
reginaldh2079: The Astel incident was insane live
Nitomoth: Season 3 was an absolute treat and this match was definitely one of the high points. Looking forward to the future of bingus.
fihamahmed5574: S4 waiting room. this is indeed the best elden ring tournament.
Chris-zs6fd: Just wanted to say Domo, I watched all of Bingo Brawlers S3 as it happened, and it's been my favourite Elden Ring content on YT - but also my favourite gaming tournament I've seen! Such an awesome format and you did such an awesome job organizing, getting great co-hosts for commentary, and generally making something that was so exciting to watch. Keep up the great work, have some rest (lol), and I'll be looking forward to S4!
MrParadux: I didn't expect Gino to overtake Aggy for Morgott at the end
habituallynostalgic6646: The Astel Race, MonkeyBallers 6-1 comeback, and Domo’s handsome face. What a season
VictoriaLordess: PLEASE DOMO KEEP DOING VIDEOS IN THIS FORMAT. WHOEVER EDITED THIS DID A GREAT JOB. Like legit such an entertaining video.
JackCeverha: This edit is great

Jun 01 2024

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