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How Elden Ring Invasions ACTUALLY Work

CozmicRayz: The consistency this channel puts out instruction on core and nuanced mechanics while remaining highly entertaining is absolutely unmatched.
Maxxatron: Waifu: This does a thing
Liar: actually it doesn't
Waifu: but there's proof it does this
Liar: *Ad hominems*
shimada_1684: That Melina thumbnail making me feel a certain kinda way.
requiemagent3014: When do we see this goth Melina in action? I cannot be the only one really wanting to see her debut in the videos
pillager2327: I keep getting baited by the thumbnails. I just want goth Melina
TweezyJay: I followed your first guide, grabbing the flame cleanse me and the fire ash of war i win around 80% of my fights early game. I like to imagine the face of my opponent when i cleanse scarlet rot at level 30, especially when they just stand there. I pop the tongue for fun every now and then.
2JOfficial: You forgot to mention that the game itself "summons" red enemies and many newcomers are going to think they are online players.
makoto5309: pee pee poo poo
thenerdmaster9381: "Mystery thingy, the segment where you search other people's comments for the answer, and I lovingly call you a household tool for it"

jo-almartinez9623: Watching this as i finally start to invade people after 2 years of only being sunmoned as a cooperater. Being bad never felt so good.
vincentdu15200: I bought the game because of your videos, and so far in my 20 hours of gameplay, i can certifiy i've seen about 0 human invaders in my game.
felicianonatalini: I have a simple mind.
I see an OnlyWaifu video, I click.
Tkokat: I think that the viewer got invaded by Anastasia while playing alone and he thought it was another player. In several fromsoftware games you get "invaded" by npcs.
chefcc90: Oh hey! Mystery weapon this time is the Glaive! And I'm very sad I didn't get a shoutout for the candle whip...
piketheknight2581: 5th attempt asking for Rick, Soldier of God to be added to the cast

May 13 2024

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