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How Elden Ring fans react when you beat the game

Tem07: Where is the challenge in being able to see and hear the game? Play it blindfolded and with no volume or you're not a true fan.
Fog_12: wow Lewis’ production value has gone through the roof! let’s hope he hasn’t blown all his budget for man vs gorilla…
luke8404: That’s actually how they sound. I hate those nerds so much. Take a shower and let me play the game how I want to play it
maplethebunny1936: Imagine playing the game with the mechanics intended to beat the game. Shocker
kryppo4245: This is how skumnut got addicted to elden ring meme runs
Usiic: Blind and deaf person beats the game :
Elden Ring fans : “You are breathing while being perfectly conscious. Being alive is cheating.”
Man3rtann: waiting for the brain rot “no views in ** seconds bro fell off” comments
NateOhPotato_: Literally Kai’s chat the entire time. I’ve never seen so many backseat gamers in a chat before
wingedassassin9999: "you see, you beat elden ring. thats wrong. you arent supposed to beat it. you are supposed to spiral into a deep depression and hate everything that used to bring you joy in life"
chunkymilk: time travelling ghosts are real.
johnalexanderquintero7832: is crazy cause my friend was just fighting that boss yesterday
kwedl: They would also tell you about how you didn't beat the game because you are not playing on version 1.0.
"Congrats on beating Starscourge Radahn (HE WAS HARDER PRE 1.03)! That must’ve been a terrifying fight to conquer (HE WAS HARDER PRE 1.03), finally another shardbearer down (HE WAS HARDER PRE 1.03), learning his attack patterns must’ve been quite rough huh (HE WAS HARDER PRE 1.03)"
kazumakiryu0: You'll beat a boss underleveled, no magic, no mimic tear, no armour, no weapon and Elden ring fans will still be like "that boss ain't even hard though I beat it in 3 tries
timelyraccoon8878: make sure to equip all items that give you lower stats as well

May 25 2024

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