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Headless Abductor Virgin Vs Bosses - Elden Ring

BYnsTanT: Hilarious seeing Malenia largely miss the waterfowl dance to a giant Harley Davidson motorcycle with pizza slicer wheels
Exposed_Entrepreneur401: Every boss: "So you finally made i... wait what are you doing?"
Abductor virgin: "GOTTA GO FAST"
COHOFSohamSengupta: I LOVE the attention to detail here

This one behaves exactly like a broken animatronic trying to attack all directions randomly
jonissesmarchadesch7025: This video just proved that the Headless Abductor Virgin is an end-game level enemy in Elden Ring
Count.Saruman: Somehow Radagon is just the perfect counter to this thing. I love how he made the rather comical fight look good ex post facto with that perfect photo finish.
iamMildlyUpsetWithMostOfYouTub: This thing is scarier than the royal revenants.
ze_glitchy_gamer7629: I love his speed and damage capability

He didn't even take dmg from Mohg's Nihil, I love it so much.
jrxiliann4124: Why can strange and ridiculous mobs be so damn powerful?
emmanuelochoa4407: See? Being a virgin is nothing to be ashamed about
kode-man23: Anytime that the Fire Giant takes an L is a good time.
KuraSourTakanHour: The glowing eye effect shows they just made its head invisible and didnt actually remove it

May 13 2024

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