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Haligtree Defender Elden Ring

ronimaxwell42: He’s not too far off from his Kelpy G speculation… it’s a SpongeBob reference.
FurtiveSkeptical: Kelpie G is the Spongebob SquarePants version of sax player Kenny G.
ChefChucko: If you want to get people off ladders, keep volcano pots handy.
They work way better than daggers. This is ER, not DS3, took me a while to adjust, but trust me on this.
phoenixbythefire4555: dont mess with High pages lol
ancientnard1208: I've always loved the traditional builds
Goku-zu3rk: Should have put 19 into Faith and 69 in strength and 69 in dex
notoriousogb6584: people seem to have a lot of trouble timing the heavy attack on that sword I love it
onyxblade6756: Cool, amount of miss play make me furious a little bit

Jun 02 2024

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