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Fists are the Best Weapon in Elden Ring Elden Ring All Fists Breakdown

ironstark917: Gonna call it right now and say Fextra is gonna put out an Iron Ball build in the next 48 hours.

Edit: This ages poorly, but come on, Fextra. Give the people what they want.
RonaldMcJuicy: I used Grafted Dragon almost exclusively as my weapon for my first playthrough. I was already leaning towards Faith and Incantations, and having an excuse to attack everything with a DRAGON HEAD while screaming BEAR WITNESS
joshhayes3433: Hell yeah, Star Fist is one of my top weapons in the game! Star Fist Cragblade with charged heavies= stance breaking machine.
Blockdigit: Spiked Caestus Shadow of the Erdtree kicking skill = Kung Fu Master
waeger: This one i've been waiting the most. The only weapon class I am yet to use in Elden ring
SeanSprouse-co4fz: Another nice thing about fist weapons is that they're great for all game playthroughs. Immediately from the start of the game you can obtain some really good ones (Spiked Caestus and Katar) by sneaking through Caelid. Grab the Venomous Fang too. Katar is on the way to getting Flaming Strike and Red-Hot Whetblade and you can just buy the Spiked Caestus. Same is true of the Cipher Pata as you can get it as soon as you get to the Roundtable Hold (just rest somewhere in Caelid). You don't have to kill a single thing in the game to get any/all of these weapons.

I think the best all game builds for fists are either strength or faith, but both dexterity and intelligence are viable. Arcane isn't the best early game, but is excellent mid-to-late game.

My favorite builds/playthroughs:
- Hero - Strength build using only Heavy Spiked Caestus and Fire (Flaming Strike) Venomous Fang (optionally, respec into an Arcane build later using Occult infusions)
- Prophet - Faith build using Flaming (Flaming Strike) Katar and Cipher Pata. Can change to Lightning Infused Standard Katar when fire and holy damage aren't great options.

Fist weapons offer a hyper aggressive, fast paced, and super fun playstyle that has kind of ruined other weapon classes for me. I don't really want to use any other weapons (except the Venomous Fang). But I'm really jazzed for the new DLC weapon classes that look like martial arts and throwing weapons. I hope they can approach the magic that is the fist weapon class.
EmissaryOfSmeagol: Fun note: fists can be powerstanced, so you can have the paired moveset with Grafted Dragon along with, say, the Caestus.
gregorypinson5502: Now that you've done a video on fist weapons, I would absolutely love to see you Dragon Ball Z style build that primarily focuses on fist weapons but uses magic for their ki attacks.

Jun 02 2024

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