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Fat Rolling in Elden Ring

Cavemancavan: He went full Yoda. Never go full Yoda.
Peacich: I see you were trained in the art of the rolly-polly
Your-Least-Favorite-Stranger: Me having no idea what maidenless means in this context but accepting it anyways.
elidasilva5558: Should have gone for the backstab
frost177st: He didn't master the Roly Poly. Lol
slevinkelevra1544: Надо было пользоваться искусством перекатов
thomasbecker9676: If a guy isn't naked, how else is he supposed to sword fight?
mikewaterfield3599: Brings new meaning to the term “cut purse”.
justanotheryoutubeaccount0: He got cocky, the the opponent got cocky.
FenrirSylerfeng_9651: When in combat, never expose your secrets. If you know what I'm talking about.

May 30 2024

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