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Every Time Kai Cenat Raged In Elden Ring

Voltz63: The intro is wild
killako397: Bro really went through every human emotion playing this game
Libxy: that intro IS WILD LMFAOOOOOOO
mattgibney4085: Man elde ring is one of those games you take a break from playing video games for a week right after
ZionLipton: Melina pack
bignikinotthelilone: Never watching Kai at church again
Eragon530: Seeing him at his lowest during the Malenia fight was something else. Dude genuinely started tweaking
barbiedollmami: heart rate was up every time
DurkkTV: Watching him transition being fully armored against Malenia to beating her naked live....pause.... is some real souls gameplay!
cinicalmisfit: You know I gotta give him credit. First time playing the game, no summons, played it how it was supposed to be played. I'm pretty sure this isn't even his type of game, and yet he stuck through it and ended up beating it. As fellow soulsbornering player. I tip my hot off to u sir
StackRunItUp: When he found out malenia had a second form LMAO
user-kb2jw8hg9s: What the hell was that intro
t0mth3k1d7: I don’t think I’ve beaten elden ring but Ive most certainly beaten my meat
jristhegoat2178: The tree sentinel , mohg, melenia, and the red wolf was dead ass bros hardest opponents
Que.Capalot: It’s crazy cause if you never played Elden Ring you would’ve thought he was dragging it but the game really gets you like this
10isawsome: "Surviving Malenia" LMAOO
beastleemain: Some of the absolute funniest content I think I've ever seen from Kai, crying
swuhzyy: The best live stream of all time
davidmarquez957: Never really watched him before this but I love Elden Ring so I tuned in.... Now a fan cause that marathon was straight comedy and entertainment
PARZIVAL_7: This vid should be 50 more hours longer deadass
kevinsun3244: Drop a comp of him beating all the bosses too!
EddiXP: That intro has got to be one of the funniest intros I've ever seen
DemoisHim: LOVE U KAI
khalbeasty: I 100% this game on steam and watching him play was very entertaining to watch

May 23 2024

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