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GentleCrank: What did we do to deserve 2 hours?
silverknight876: The two hour bombshell for the win lol. Also that little line Roderika says about “I know you’re strong, but please” is one of the first times someone shows genuine concern for YOU and not as the potential Elden Lord. Solidified her as best girl
Lemminjoose: Walking into leyndell for the first time will forever be one of my most memorable gaming moments of my life.
_Chaosnight_: Melina is a support summon, she's a healer, a summon to keep you alive, not a DPS summon

If she dies and can't do her job then that's 100% your own fault
stephenotterman6236: If you remember when Godrick died, he said “I am the lord of all that is golden, and one day we will return together, to our home— bathed in rays of gold”

Leyndell is the home bathed in rays of gold that he was referring to
Skinny6539: you can go back down the well in lyndell, you missed the bars to the left that open up to the rest of the sewer system
Digi735: Davon the door you opened in the manor is a dungeon that will take you to Rykard. It’s a normal dungeon, the quest in volcano manor is optional and completing it will tp you the rykard skipping the dungeon.
jamesriches6161: your bleed only scales with arcane if your weapon has arcane scaling so if you change the weapon type to bleed, poison or occult then the bleed will go up with your arcane level, but right now your arcane doesn't add extra bleed because your swords are standard and keen.
t5unami195: Just wait till he finds out that the biggest section of the city is the sewer system in the well he spent mere seconds in.
Elden_Dog: Davo walking right past the entrance to the sewers while talking about how there had to be more almost had me telling are my screen
2JOfficial: Any item you get (like the prothesis arm) you can click more info in the item description, it gives u more lore and sometimes tells you what to do with the item, you're only noticing the first line.
Skinny6539: you can give D’s armor to the other D down in nokron, and if you defeat the twin gargoyles you can interact with an object in the arena under the waterfall and teleport to a new area for one of the best bosses in the game (plus you get Ds armor back). Id recommend doing this as soon as possible as its super easy to get over leveled for the area at this point
dallas5770: I'd recommend doing the assassination missions before killing Rykard, as killing him locks you out of them, on your save.

Also, If you want to complete any quest lines, do it before "The Big Guy" boss (you'll know when you're at him) as killing him locks you out of some quest lines.

Also, also, check out that place again, that you helped bernahl fight those two guys.
It seems.....familiar.

Also, also, also, check out the shaded castle again.
There's a very sausy boss there and his sausy weapon.

May 10 2024

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