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Elden Rings DLC is a Whole New Game

randomman5592: The virgin "make a dlc and call it a sequel" vs the chad "make a sequel and call it a dlc"
JDH_MUSIC: This is exactly how games should be sold: You release a game for one reasonable price and then after a while you release a well-made DLC for one reasonable price. Get rid of tiers and crazy prices for like one weapon.
zerker279: Now THIS is DLC
grimoirenoir1: Since none of my friends played Elden Ring, I had no one to share my excitement with, so I told my grandmother. Now she is also waiting with excitement with me. She is also Maliketh's fan.
IcyBlaze616: martial arts/ hand2hand builds are always so based in games like this. "That's a nice weapon, but i got 2 guns right here" flexes biceps
kekle888: Where is my $130 edition with 3 day early access with part of the story/boss gated behind it, thats what the real gamers want
CaptainNingle: I cant wait to low level invade as a kung fu master.
duedecimal6622: if its American company, theyll sell this as Elden Ring 2 which cost $130
miketike3246: Where's Quantum TV. I want to hear him brag about how Hogwart's Legacy was "a masterpiece" and was supposed to be the "game of the decade", while "nobody would even remember Elden Ring after a few months." That man is the king of genius takes isn't he? F'n colossal jack*ss.
anotherguy7539: You have two options:
1. Buy the new Faker Ahri skin
2. But 10 Elden Ring dlc
Choose wisely
Darththorn: Elden Ring is just not my kind of game but I respect everything the devs do.
iminyourwallz420: A game that is actually fun and not a scam? In this economy?

Man, I Love Miyazaki
arcadius3257: Fromsoft should probably calm down before developers of other studios cry about consumers developing "unrealistic expectations" again.
maddlad_l5257: Can't wait for Asmon to find a really big stick and just use that for the rest of the DLC and nothing else.
RebecaVandover: Meanwhile you got companies out there making cosmetic packs with barely anything on top of them and claiming its dlc or even an expansion.
eded9157: Almost a new game
jh_lolz: This game literally changed so many lives
jakehesse4017: The music in the boss fight is NUTS
Crazieyboy15: …This shit is basically an entirely new game!

And I say that as a good thing. This “DLC” could practically be a standalone game with everything in it.
DragonHeart613: They're adding Martial Arts, Chinese Longswords, a Van Helsing-inspired rapid fire Crossbow, Throwing Axes & more plus the game's open world is gonna become even more extensive.

T2EH1N: This is what DLC should called. Feel shame when the "3A" games selling a DLC with one chapter
Danzo0O: Now THAT is a Blood and Wine level threat
drunkenskunkproductionsdsp8094: When the DLC is larger than some "full" triple-a games.
alkon8032: That's not a DLC that's a sequel
TheArnoldification: miyazaki doing a little bit of trolling with his completion estimate again
Supperdude9: This is how they used to do it back in the day. Release the game, then release the meaty expansion pack for it to justify playing the game even more.
jamesroy791: Ahh ya only a 40 hour DLC
notcbt1987: This will definitely be the dlc of all time

Jun 08 2024

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