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ELDEN RINGMy First Souls Game !! NIJISANJIEN Enna Alouette

Tvanon: As a souls game veteran, I can say you have good sense of the game. You got the dodge timing right relatively quick for a first timer. Trust me, when you finally get used playing this game and not panicking every second, you'll be able to even finish the whole game. And here I thought you would not enjoy the game. I'm happy to be proven wrong.
kerescrawford: good job can't wait for you to find the onion ring
Just_Some_Guy_with_a_Mustache: One of the angriest creatures playing a Souls Game. What have we done? Turtle Pope bless us.
KeyLeech: Super impressed by how well you did in Eldin Ring today, Enna! Honestly your rolls were on point, you even attempted parrying like right at the start of the game. Also, congrats on beating Margit today too! Pretty tough boss overall, think you might have been able to even do it solo if not for the nausea. Looking forward to seeing you play this again!
olrac2030: 1 HP and a dream GG Enna! you did pretty good considering you are new to this type of game and you nailed those rolls. Love seeing you mald gamer.
Voitan: I'm glad to witness the beginning of your Souls Arc Enna. I knew you had all that is needed to excel, and even then you exceeded my expectations! Enjoy the game any way you want, bring along some friends, gush about the things you like in the game, and maybe one day, this Aloupeep will have the privilege of being summoned by yours truly.
Bertsu2395: Thanks for the Vod. Glad you and Sir Thomas and the jellyfish defeated Margit
thelordjesi2341: Good job on beating Margit and as as beginner! You did so very well, I cannot believe you have a hidden talent as a soulsbourne player even though you started playing this like it was another game that wasn't Elden Ring, you brought it back! Don't get discouraged about the beginning of the game being like that, you will adapt very well like you are now and don't worry about how you beat bosses or enemies, all that matters is that you won! I hope you continue to play through the rest of the game and have just as much fun as you are now! Rest well, Enna!
Miguel_Macias1: Hey enna! i have to admit i didnt have any faith in u at all but wow i am legit very impressed with u!! I dont think u know but u are actually really good at this! u seem to have a lot of potential! Absolutely everyone struggled a lot with Margit but the fact u were able to get him to his 2nd phase on ur first try was really impressive, your dodges are SO CLEAN! like holy! u really did outstanding progress today. i have one tip that u will forget the moment u finish reading this but u can freely change the mana flasks into HP flasks at any lost grace and vise versa, i think u might find that useful.
Oh yeah pls do ur ER streams every thursday evening so i can watch
WhiteGuyGraal: It is rare to say this Enna , but you are talented at this game for being a first timer of the souls-like genre. Do play a bit more of this game , it's so fun seeing you have good dodge mechanics already

Jun 08 2024

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