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Elden Ring With Ziostorm Yggdrasil Podcast 41

Ziostorm: Thanks for having me back! Only a month to go
LAK_770: We've come so far since The Great Hollowing of 2024, I'm glad Zio has recovered
jameshankel8219: When the first thing Ziostorm said wasn't, "What's going on guys," ...that hurt. That really, really hurt. We deserved better.
ulrix_4466: I love these Elden ring podcasts Ratatouille. I hope the DLC answers all the confusion around Marika
Micolashcage1: nice. glad to see Zio back on the podcast. my favorite black soulslike Youtuber
Lee-km7qq: Ratatoskr with the boss fight with a spider lol
artinallforms5718: fuck, i'm over 1000 hours in, still not bored. I've had few months of not playing since launch, once the burnout came. but i'm so hyped for the DLC im enjoying playing as if it was new again.
jman8350: YES! THANK YOU! I had the same thought, Ratatoskr! It looks like she's pulling the viscous, golden strands out of a baby's head, swaddled in the Swaddling cloth!
DougRobertson: When the wind starts blowing on Marika through the opening when she holds aloft the gold strands, that's the Elden Beast boss song. That moment could indicate the coming of the Elden Beast
aleciaregister162: I saw a video earlier today supposing that Miquella wasn't the Griffith analogue, but Merika; and the image of her ascension in the story trailer was her version of the eclipse. That's not to say Miquella can be trusted, but I do like that interpretation, it's a neat flip of expectations.
Lidrien: Not enough people are talking about snakes. The snakes with Messmer, Marika’s bracelet resembles a snake. The iconography of snakes is too prevalent around key figures.

We’re going to get another snake revelation of some kind.
Jcoaerlrsiocno: Not related to elden ring at all but jumping spiders are possibly one of the least harmful species of spiders you could have in your house. In the future I’d recommend you leave them be because:

1. They don’t make webs

2. They eat a lot of other insects

3. They are chill
quincykunz3481: Clearly elden lore-folks are desperate to finish the puzzle, so they keep jamming the last couple pieces together that don't fit elsewhere.
Ranni is marika is melina is miquella is trina is gloam-eyed queen is godefroy.
Broax4: I did not expect shelob to show up in the podcast
falgalhutkinsmarzcal3962: Messmer being the GEQ's son makes sense since the statue behind him (of Marika holding a child) is just like the Abductor Virgin imagery, which are Miyazaki's favorite enemy design. If you wanted to be the Lord of Blasphemy you mock the Golden Order with their iniquitous origins. And then, of course, there is a Godskin Apostle in the Church of Eiglay. It seems like Rykard was really trying to infuriate Marika by sending a clear message that he knew something he should not know about Serpents and Infants and Virgins.

May 25 2024

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