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Elden Ring Why is the sea empty?

realkingofantarctica: Oh, that's just Bert. He's a little awkward, but he's chill, trust.
DrTolis: Tarnished: can kill gods
Also Tarnished : cannot float
alfalldoot6715: Could you imagine if there was just a 1/1,000,000,000 or something that you see a gigantic fin moving in the distance?
joshuaolsoncook: Because the sea is full of broken controllers and keyboards….
Tiziown: In a game where most of the really f*cked up things come from space, the idea of some even greater evil lurking in the waters is incredibly fascinating!
DTGeorge: Maybe the DLC will be Another's Crab Treasure after all
JoseViktor4099: My theory is that they removed some of these drawings on porpuse, in case we as players wouldn´t feel underwhelmed of being unable of exploring the sea with apparently so much going around.
mihirlavande: Zullie's music choice: Such a goofy goober.

Zullies video: There might be a giant shadow water demon out in the sea, but we're not sure.
Corpse_House: It feels likely that they were originally there as embellishments, but then removed so as not confuse players who may have thought they were actual creatures you'd get to encounter/fight at some point
beatotheelder6170: Babe wake up new Zullie
Gakulon: I like to think the weird sea serpent with a human face is just some type of regular sea creature that got misremembered and morphed as more people told stories about it until the description of it became almost wholly detached from reality.
Mersadeon: Honestly my bet is that they included them at first because it's a thing old maps do and it feels flavourful, only to then realize that it might awaken player expectations, so to avoid disappointment they removed them for the final version.
ultraphoenix95: I wished we got some monsters like the Hydras in Dark Souls...
LautrecOfCarim: Bloodborne fishing hamlet sharks.

They are in there. A lot of them are. You can't convince me otherwise.

boogyboogyboogy: Related, but the Lands Between aren’t completely isolated in the middle of the sea- you can somewhat see from the northernmost points on the map (though mostly just the Haligtree- the Mountaintops and the Snowfield can be too foggy to see I think), there’s another fairly sizable landmass admittedly not too far off the Lands’ northern coast. I haven’t heard any reference to it, but I wonder if the landmass is one that we know of already, be it the Land of Reeds or the Badlands (although, if I’m not mistaken, the Badlands are said to be “across the fog”, and I believe the sea south of the Weeping Peninsula is known as the sea of fog.)

No big lore theories from me atm, but I’m curious what anyone else might make of it? Land of Reeds a bit to the North, Badlands far to the South, and the Lands Between… ya know, between them, maybe? (I know, Lands “Between” likely refers instead to being between Siofra and Ainsel Rivers)
SomeGuy-qd3li: Watch us get a sea DLC in another 2 years (no, I'm not taking my pills)
SpookeyGael: One thing I've recently noticed is that Godfrey's axe seems to be decorated with octopus tentacles and seaweed. Combined with Godwyn's completely unexplained transformation into a giant sea monster which resembles the corpse under Stormveil (I'm still not convinced its just a Deathroot copy of Godwyn, there's a lot of evidence pointing to it being an actual corpse that predates Stormveil castle like it being at the center of an ancient temple/boat burial site and the complete lack of Deathroot anywhere in Stormveil) it seems like there is a lot of relatively explored sea connections and motifs that were excluded from the game, possibly from GRRM's original writings.
childofcascadia: I still think Godwyns final model was originally the Umibozu, or related to the Umibozu somehow- and the design was so cool that when they scrapped the Umibozu as an enemy, they altered its model slightly and made it Godwyn.

I have never heard a better theory about why Godwyn looks like that. It makes more sense to me than any other convoluted theory.
GrandPaladinTyrux: For a game with with tons of beaches and an entire area sinking into a marine lake, Elden Ring has a distinct lack of sea creatures and weapons & items based on them - it's something I've always wanted to sea in prior Souls games, and I'm holding out hope maybe an Ash Lake-esque water level makes it into the dlc!
Umbra_Ursus: Imagine that as a secret boss in Limgrave. You just hang around the coast at night, and you have a chance to fight off the Kraken, or have a Gadunka leap out at you. It'd be equally horrifying for the sheer scale of the Kraken (Make it accurate, and the thing could crush the Fire Giant), or just as bad for the howling massive beartrap lunging out at you.
jasv49: Imagine Elden Ring 2 where you can control a ship like in Black Flag
Centinym: Nah, they were definitely playing with the idea - you remember the water section in sekiro. Sadly, they probably realized it needed more time in the oven, unlike the jump button. We will
FirstLast-cg2nk: I think the thing that is easily missed is that due to Elden Ring's focus on religion, deities, and funerary rights, there's a possibility that there may have been Outer Gods who lived in the ocean. We've seen avian psychopomps like the Deathbirds, and there are even aquatic ones like the Tibia Mariners. There are also corpse-like shambling humans on several beaches, so there is a potential connection between death and the sea.
appleflavored8839: i always wondered who charted the map of the lands between in universe
j.thomas1420: It's really impressive how many details about Elden Ring you are still able to bring us.

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