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ELDEN RING Ultimate Noob to Pro Guide 2024 EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Sondwichhe: 5 time elden lord but its chopper so i watch
TheAssassinscreedpro: The final fantasy crisis core music in the background
Gr8Bearded12: Great top level video from Chopper! I would've killed for something like this when I first started. Also, here are a few things from a 8x Elden Lord for what its worth:
1. Chop said "ball bearings" lol, technically they are "bell bearings" And yes, get them all!

2. Although somber weapons are the "speciality" weapons, they are typically easier to level up than weapons that require regular smithing. Somber weapons only require 1 somber smithing stone per level (up to level 10). While regular weapons require 2, 4, and 6 regular smithing stones per level (up to level 25). So target the somber weapons!

3. Chop implied this but didn't explicitly say it, but Ashes of War (which are just weapon abilities), can be put on regular weapons. However, somber weapons have Ashes of War that are locked to the weapon. i.e. can't be changed.

4. You pick the affinity, (after you've gathered its respective whetblade) when you put an Ash of War on the weapon. Each whetblade gives you access to a collection of affinities:
-Iron Whetblade: Heavy, Keen, Quality
-Glinstone Whetblade: Magic, Cold
-Red-Hot Whetblade: Fire, Flame Art
-Sanctified Whetblade: Lightning, Sacred
-Black Whetblade: Poison, Blood, Occult

5. Marika's Soreseal is a great talisman for early game when your stats are low, but as you move through the game and level up, you'll start hitting stat "soft caps." So when you get to late game, and you're stats are through the roof, you won't need the soreseals anymore and you'll want to use another talisman that will help you.

6. It's absolutely criminal to no mention soft caps! As a new player I always wanted to know I was using my runes the most efficiently because it's so easy to loose them! Go look up the soft caps for each stat so you know when the benefit of leveling up a stat starts to plateau. You'll want to level other stats when you start to hit that plasteau.

7. It's also criminal to no mention how sacred seals/incantation vs staffs/sorceries. incantations and sorceries are some of the best ways to buff your character.
-Sorceries require the use of staff.
-Incantation require the use of sacred seal.
pyxlhertz: W
TheAndrewPoore: Extra tips:
1. Do Varre’s quest to get to mohgwyn palace after you reach liurnia
2. Sorseals and Scarseals are good for early game but you should ditch them when you start reaching softcaps.
3. Soft caps are breakpoints where you can stop leveling because the benefits of increasing a stay are low. They are: 40 and 60 Vigor; 34 and 50 Endurance; 38 and 50 Mind; 80 in all other stats.
4. Get your vigor high first, then your weapon level, then your other stats as needed. Weapons scale poorly early on.
5. Weapon scaling can seem inconsistent. The letter shown includes a range but even then, (I may be wrong but) it doesn’t factor in the increased scaling, based on the weapons base damage. Therefore, a Greatsword with B scaling can scale better than a dagger with A scaling.
6. Use Radahn’s great rune (hp/stamina/fp) or Morgott’s great rune (hp only, but MOR) instead of godrickd great rune when your stats get decent.
7. For spells, use Meteor staff at low levels, then switch to the Carian regal scepter for normal casting and Azur’s Glintstone staff for boss fights once you reach 70 int. I recommend keeping staffs that boost certain spell types in your offhand but it can be a lot to juggle.
8. For incantations the finger seal until you can use the erdtree seal unless you want to go arcane over faith, then use the dragon communion seal. HOWEVER, incantations will still have faith requirements you need to meet.
9. Holy damage is generally crap.
10. Split damage (physical elemental) isn’t as bad as in past souls games but they’re still not equivalent, just more comparable.
11. The best talisman in the game is Ritual Sword Talisman as it increases ALL damage by 10% when at max HP
zacodonoghue5217: Only game I've ever platinum but still gonna watch ch0pper
forlivvy: 8 time Elden lord but I’ll watch
lilnikki3401: So if I beat the soilder of goldrick first try is that a good sign then?

Jun 07 2024

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