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g.rathbone764: “Short hair Gino isn’t real, he can’t hurt you”
short hair gino
misterio3678: I love the weapon type only run. More casual, just Gino having fun with the game. While of course I can appreciate the tension of a no-hit even as a YouTube video, these are my favorite.
Can't wait for the CGS only video, I just think they're neat.
faevalur5913: “When Obi-Wan Kenobi tries the maul build”
priyanshumaurya007: Hunter is Speedge! With Gino runs getting bigger & bigger, my man is also evolving at the same rate! Didn't expect this video this fast!
PaperBoatTV: Woah, that was some quick editing
lordmax-2002: nice haircut my guy
kylegonewild: Twinblades so good they gave him a fresh cut in the process
Inactive414: Obligatory shoutout to editor for making a 2 hr masterpiece. Can’t imagine how long it takes to sift through all this footage
alexmark6580: 8 new weapon CLASSES?! WTF, that's a little excessive right? I'm all for it, hopefully they fill out weapons for those classes and it isn't just 1 or 2 weapons.
neondouble_: This is easily my favorite weapon class. This is also the first run I got to watch live onstream! Love you Gino!
DextahPC: Thank you editor! 2 hours long in a easily consumable format with sections we can skip to and from. Much appreciated

Jun 04 2024

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