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Elden Ring The Zwei Guy

orcy365: Should have been "Pretty fly for a Zwei guy"
Jimmyinvictus: "Chase Invaded"
"Oh no."
"Oroboro Invaded."
"You've GOT to be kidding me."

Truly an accidental alliance for the ages.
ScrubbTheTarnished: The sleepy guy
javierfraire8741: That 3 man wizard gank:

Me: Oh brother, these guys stink!
silver_3552: Ngl, i kinda want to see chase dodging a team of 3 full wizard till they're out of blue and then them panicking and not knowing what to do
ScrubbTheTarnished: real oroboro guest appearance???
g0ldenak: That blue with the warming stones was so bad I knew Chase was gonna give him the rare teabag
pine285: Chase discovered the blue hat.
I love the style of the blue cloth set, but it gets forgotten about due to being a starting class item.
ArcaneDumpster-Fire: Players see an invader with rivers of blood and are like "this guy again?" But then they see a tanky invader with the zweihander and are like "Wtf is going on?!?!"
enviosinterdimencionales8612: chase Teabagging that blue was my christmas gift.
M.R.B.T_7890: Ah yes Elden ring the best bullet hell game
meunomenaoedavid: never thought i'd see chase tbag someone lol
hornplayerchris: POWER UP THE BASS CANNON
Estesolace: I love the precision great bow shots in the middle of dodging a ganks attack from every direction.
Dante-fq4xg: I never found myself liking pvp but I love watching these vids.
luke-il5nr: Ah yes, the two guy
New dlc boss, dude duo
jayquickscope4446: The most legendary triple bow kill on the endure deep root depths
justinschuster666: Man the blue vengeance on one clip followed by a triple kill bow on the next was super fun just to watch. Can’t imagine how you felt pulling that off
user-lv3kf8nw4s: Yo what's up guys chase the bro here and welcome back to another elden ring build video
PaintFire_: Would love to see a video where you host tauntered tounged and try to ward off invaders like those old DS3 streams with Lost and Nap back in the good ol days :)) happy Friday everyone
RafelJaggai: Tactical tree spawn, i love it
Sauspreme: hahaha dang those were some serious fights! Definitely a well deserved tea bag for that blue lol

May 18 2024

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