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Elden Ring The Warrior Of Faith

syntax922: It takes a lot of faith to be a warrior fighting with St. Trina's Torch
alpha00zero: The snail having a grab is probably the most shocking thing in this video.
hugo-xg9qb: I wish i was invaded by chase, and then do the "block block, spin spin" of his intro to see if hee recognizes it
yurilowell4213: That assassin was the highlight of the video for me, its a shame that chase wasn't looking right at the crucial moment lol.
jayhayhay5124: Chase: I'll protect you, snail!
Snail: My name is Snail...I am power both ancient and unrivaled...I do not bleed, for I am but strength given form...feeble creatures of flesh...your time is nigh!
malickv: Hope we can see that title "One more invasions before the DLC" in June 20th
TheVisualParadox: My dyslexic ass was thinking about beyblades when I saw faith blades.
NoBirthNoDeath: You should do the "Ring" gesture if you kill a host by snagging their booty
JeffTheHippo: Snail is the most OP teammate, wow.

May 20 2024

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