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Elden Ring: The War Cry Warrior

mysunshinee69: Yo whats up chasethebro, guys here
StTrina: My torch. Use it.
TheEldenRinger: Invading in all those dark places. A torch could help. St.Trinias torch …
nickyoung9459: You know, I miss ChasetheBow. when’s he coming back?
nebulous9280: Elden Ring: The Fires of Slumber Warrior
Adam-tu1qx: I lost it every time a blue came running in like he's the man, just to immediately get one combo'd without hesitation
BlueShellshock: A word of warning to all those wanting to use warcries: they are exclusive with weapon buffs, and do not stack. I learned this the hard way when I tried to use Braggart's Roar, and Blackflame Blade was overriding it, was confused as hell when my strong attacks went back to normal after using BFB.
Danenc: black knife showcase is crying out loud (for no reasons)
TWoW: so hyped for the dlc! hope u gonna stream it
ex-kommunist: Poor Blue, comes in, sword to the face

May 13 2024

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