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Elden Ring: The Pure Archer Build

erdemdogruoglu2611: yo what's up guys chase the bow here :DDDDD
ArcaneDumpster-Fire: Guys, the torch build is coming... I can sense it's presence...
archound1551: ChaseTheBow ? don't think I didn't catch that mister.
midnightbread: Oh you're trying to proc sleep huh? Interesting...
aadynfinchum9437: The pure St. Trina's Torch build
ex-kommunist: "Bows are not viable!"
Chase: Hold my beer
liamaclellan3024: Chase the Bow comes back to make the day right...perfecto
Yrthwrym: As horrifying as watching zero range bow attacks was, I was appreciative that chase was going straight for the kill everytime. No showboating, all thriller and no filler. The build is risky, chase gets frisky. One can only imagine how cut throat he would have to be to support some sort of hypothetical sleep-torch build.
benoxxxx3484: Golem Arrows being locked behind exploits (or, stupidly long grinds, that I doubt anyone actually does) might be my least favourite thing about PVP in this game.
gavinblue3534: more honest chasethebow degeneracy. can we see a spectral lance build please
jincoygearz216: Archer! And a short bow! True Joy, yes-yes! Bows is my personal St. Trina torch... Bows and underused AoW, magic, and all stuff off meta... Eh

We need to imagine good combo-wombo for your short bow to play. Or maybe some Ash of War on bow could work. Can Skyshot be good for sleepy headshots?
StTrina: This is hilarious. Try my torch sometime.
believethehype3992: now we need a pure disrespect build with curve sword parry

May 10 2024

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