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Elden Ring: Strength Faith Is A Great Build For The DLC

StickyBrown62: You know what else scales with faith, and is related to the dlc? St trina’s torch.
TheEldenRinger: I heard the dlc will be a dark place. What helps in the dark? A torch. What’s the brightest torch in Elden ring? St.Trinias
believethehype3992: we need a “disrespect your surroundings” dex curve sword parry video
clivebazzington: STR/FTH is going to give you great scaling with fire attacks, such as Giantsflame Take Thee, any multi-hit ash on a fire-infused weapon, or even a Mists of Slumber from St. Trina’s Torch
BlueShellshock: I like that you've started using the Grafted Greatsword as a stat buff. I wasn't sold on it at first, but seeing it used to meet an incant requirement or gravity shenanigans is a pretty clever thing to combine with talisman swaps. I suppose this means it can also enable Starscourge on any build if you're willing to wear Renalla's traffic cone hat.
chunkypufflover7102: "When did you transform from a cactus?" Chase asking the most important questions as usual
raijinoflimgrave8708: Been a while since I've seen the Host wearing a trick mirror to look like a phantom
theroadstopshere: Honestly, it never ceases to amaze how well Chase can read other players and time out attacks and roll catches while simultaneously being entirely unable to read and remember the name of the host or notice the arrival of blues about 30% of the time. It's as much a Chase classic as the Torch and Black Knife showcase jokes
ironcladteddy8753: Every time I come home from work, there's a fresh ChaseTheBro Elden Ring video for me to enjoy while having dinner. Thanks for the years of quality built content <3 Would love to see another Finger Print Shield build XD
giacomobarraco2233: I’d suggest a St. Torch Build for the DLC, sleep builds are amazing
dzemodniceg6478: Try the damn torch
Recycling_Bin: I always love seeing you mess around with the uplifting aromatic. What if you took it further and tried invading with Mohg's rune seppuku and warming stones to buff enemies more? Probably not too consistent but would be funny
Armebratq: Chases rule about Wizards, that they always need to dies first. Wether it's the host or phantoms, wizards are always more trouble some

May 14 2024

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