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Elden Ring Stormcaller On Great Stars Is Ruthless Level Up From PvP 14

lonk9651: I like how chase says all his moves as he’s doing them like a Pokémon
aadynfinchum9437: Flames of Slumber on St. Trina's Torch is ruthless
Bombuchku: Fun fact: You can get a second Great Stars at the Writheblood Ruins by invading a NPC using a red summon sign on the ground there.
malander9124: For a guy that plays elden ring everyday. He sure doesn't remember anything about the game. Love ya Chase!
ravenruns8501: Seeing chase go from never using twin blades to relying on them every invasion is beautiful. Number one twin blader here
AlsoLizard: D's brother is grieving, just learning his brother had been murdered.
Chase: "I see we have a lot to say today
marisa_nyaa: Greathammers are slept on. The crouching 2-handed R1 is incredibly good; if you dead angle it hits at like frame 10 or 8 or something.
actualreplyguy: Best part is Chase calling PvE/NPCs “dishonest” when they pull some bullsh*t move.
adoringfan1924: Best Series on Youtube currently !
KalbDomeWrecks: Chase not getting early access feels like a massive disservice to the community
BreadNHoney: Isn't Bastards Stars the baby rattle from Astel?
jonahsampson4843: St. Trina’s torch on the Bastards stars is also ruthless.
smokinbonez420: I just realized that the fortissax isn't using the deathblight lightning, he's crying out and Godwynn sends it to him
battsengelnurzed4787: Tree spirits exist:
Chase: om nom nom nom

Jun 07 2024

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