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Elden Ring: Storm Blade Is Better Than I Thought

Rizolv: Day 9 of asking ChasetheBro to make a Black Flame build video
pippin254: I feel like more and more, Chase has to just stand there and go "Bruh, what are you doing" to hosts that just...panic. It's hilarious. XD
Dasani_lol: I tried St.trinas torch and it was a lot better than I thought due to sleeping the enemy and enabling you to get a few more hits in.
ArcaneDumpster-Fire: Chase: Need a ranged aow that hits like a truck and costs low fp?

Me: Starts a new character
caelenhill948: You could say that it, blows away the competition...

I'll see myself out now.
aadynfinchum9437: St. Trina's Torch is better than I thought
bradleyfitzik2447: Stormblade is such a great punisher and rollcatcher. I use it on a dismounter quite a bit and does serious work
Duck-sc2ob: for some reason when you said "backstab? B a c k s t a b, while looking like a flower" I just died laughing, thank you, I needed that

May 15 2024

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