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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Story Trailer PS5 PS4 Games

orkhanfarmanli: Now we wait for a 2 hours long video from Vaati to explain everything we saw in the trailer.
Timedeather: Best DLC of the decade incoming
jacobgouwland571: Well time to go take the frenzied flame and show Mesmer who's boss.
JayNotion: I've booked time off work, told my family to fend for themselves and considering lending the dog to the neighbour for two weeks. I AM READY!!!
Yajnaji: "why are you crying? it's just a trailer."
The trailer...
dominik1297: I don‘t understand a thing, but im hyped
envoyofrot7046: Ooooh that opening scene went so freaking hard!
Like some Berserk Eclipse type of stuff
proassassin8473: Me loading up Elden Ring and realizing I did new game plus and have to make it all the way to kill Mohg
domenico5785: I want the movie, now!
Planet-Gamez: This going to be amazing
nabieladrian: Miyazaki be like: "What's Hellblade? Here's the DLC trailer."
CodeNameX001: I think we're finally going to learn more about the Crucible

May 25 2024

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