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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree New Gameplay Today

VivekKumar-tn2ue: Miyazaki be dropping ballers on a random Tuesday.
Trickened: "Arise now, ye Tarnished. Ye dead, who yet live. The call of long-lost grace speaks to us all."
WinstonHofler: Man, Fromsoft is on a role! First Elden Ring and now Shadow of the Erdtree. It’s gonna be insane to see how Miyazaki tops these two classics!
NeroTP: "- I am very excited to play this
ModestPavement: I got a new game plus character. It's actually way easier (at least in the beginning) since you're a high level and you have access to OP builds. Not really worried about it honestly.
cjd6786: Just under 3 weeks left, plan your days off accordingly
markonovakovic6762: Professional game journalists don't know the release date. Ya'll get paid for this.
ion4290: The best game of all games.
DuffelBagHD: Lisan Al Gaib
empty-gs4op: So, you went to play the DLC, but you don't remember almost anything and you don't know how to describe anything or remember the name of anything. Yeah.... god job...

Jun 05 2024

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