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Elden Ring Reduvia Dagger Build How to Build a Red Rogue Guide All Game Build

juggle95: Hey a level 100-120 rivers of blood build would be great
The_Juggernaut03: Elden Beast: Laughs in immune to status effect
captaincokecan: A rough rouge red reduiva rogue? Radical!
hanselthecaretaker: I’d like to fold this into my Samurai build with some Blood incants and pots.
swordsman111982: Lol i wonder if we would see a Reduvia
or Glintstone Kris build, turns out BOTH
LordTyrone1989: A Reduvia build, awesome!
enzo_plays: Looking forward to that Kris build!
leonardo9259: Every build on this channel is just "grab that weapon, now repeat the exact same attack lol watch everything die"
steve-ooooo6741: Probably my all time favorite build. Tried many and keep coming back to this one. Playing at higher levels, on ng 4, with high arcane and faith. Very fun mixing this with dragon communion and blood flame incantations, plus getting up close and personal with reduvia or 2 of them.
dinob6587: I have been waiting for this build for 2 years, thank you. Question, why not dual wield with a great knife set to cold? It provides more dimension to just spamming the WA, and its three attack fast combos proc both bleed and frost reliably.
Would you recommend dual wielding in NG ? Cheers

May 25 2024

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