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Elden Ring Mod Brings Back Best BLOODBORNE WAIFU! The Unofficial Expansion Mod

wendigo4252: Meow in the OST is the most deranged crackhead comment I've heard from Prod, I have never heard a cat meow in either OSTs and I frequently listen to them and read the Latin lyrics. I think he's finally lost it
KaiserMazoku: Me: If Lady Maria's so great, where's Lady Maria 2?

Elden Ring Expansion Mod:
DragonsValkyrie: Love when mods add Bloodborne stuff honestly still one of Froms best games please Lord Miyazaki grant us another bloodborne I need it! Another great one Prod hope you have a great day <3
kopaxson5202: iirc there was a mod for ds3 that had working trick weapons. Hope this mod also figures out how to do that in elden ring. Would be pretty neat.
JoshDyce: Hi prod
SpecShadow: Maybe it's the stock sound, but runebear sounds like one of the Shadow Tower Abyss bosses - the big cat-like creature in the caves of one-eyed mobs.
AricShadowDragon: That gravity death should count since we heard your dying voice
smoothtrooper781: Ooooooweeeee, what a magnificent chest ahead
ZeroL0: o/

May 18 2024

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