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Elden Ring Max Level Phantoms Are A Blessing Level Up From PvP Part 9

R1ddle: This series got me to finally do my third run of Elden Ring for my final achievement.
alexdiggins1372: Comment section summary: Multiple torch mentions, counting wizard mentions, dlc hype train (let's go!)
riskybiscuits688: Day 5 of reminding Chase to retrieve the exceptionally based Str Arc phantom annihilator (the BRICK HAMMER) that he missed back in Stormveil
AffinityCola: That max level guy running a light roll build with Radahn swords on soft swap
DigitalVirusX2: The duel of ChaseTheBro and his evil twin LetTheBroGetAway was legendary
Rat_Poobrain: Chase, I abandoned my 3rd playthrough over a year ago but now you got me back into it in preparation for the DLC. I did an invasion and got humbled so quickly, but I strive to become a menace like you. Loving the content, keep it up
Sauce_Sensei: He finally said it, he knows about the torch! DONT LET UP NOW
Erdbeer_Klumpen: with the skip (wrong warp) you are very fine and no questline will be punished.
i‘ve nearly 100 builds, over 5k hours and i do the skip every time since i dont like that round table us burning and lyndell in ashes.
on the other hand when you go to farum officially you must finish the nephelie quest between morgott and burning the kiln after fire giant. also you miss the t-pose when not done before burning kiln. With wrong warp all that is not a problem anymore. only downside, to finish the game there is no way around as to kill maliketh, so round table is burning in the end anyway. but i personally don’t need to go after maliketh, most of the time.
maybe i could help
theus__: Nothing better than coming back home, from a long day at work, a pretty good workout at the gym ON A FRIDAY and watching a new chase video
Life’s so damn good

Jun 02 2024

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