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Elden Ring Marathon | Official Trailer

HeisenbergFam: Only Kai casually posts a high quality trailer for Elden Ring marathon
ERRQUU: proving yet again why he one of the top streamers on this shit
WrestlingIsReal649: Kai acting his ass off
kaydobeen1: bro bout to give us a subathon
Based_Brett_Crypto: This trailer is litttt!
afonsovaz4186: "I Will Not Get Off Stream Until I Beat The Game" bro is gonna stream for a month straight lmaoooooo
HortenseCGroce: Kai created a whole movie teaser for his 100 hour stream he’s really the best streamer to do it ever. Kai’s acting was also extremely good he can do this shit fr he’s the GOAT
C-laude: 1 thing about Kai , he always gonna go the extra mile for mafia
10xdga: bro gon be live till gta 6 drops
d1sturb1n: He got the Legend "Let Me Solo Her" in the trailer this bouta be crazy
HoodRich_Wario: If anyone thought Lord Shimura was a long fight wait until Kai spends days fighting the last 3 or 4 bosses. Good luck bro.
Magnitic: Bro really brought out letmesoloher

Famous last words of Kai Cenat - 2024

Edit: HOW TF I GOT SO MANY LIKES, drop a sub?
KristopherLondon: This why you the best streamer in the world!
tygotti8173: “BUMBA CLOTTT”!
samuelkameca6766: crazyy this gon be fire
HortenseCGroce: This is crazy. Great job, I don’t normally watch your streams but I’ll come by this weekend to check out the stream
glokk40571: If you beat that game W cause them boss battles Gon have you breaking your whole setup
brazycatdude2270: Bro doing trailers for his 24 hour gameplays W KAI
Talxicity: Dude kept respawning. Very creative lmaooo
IAMJJCDAGOAT: Kai posted it’s a good day
werflexin7971: Kai Bouta Change His Room To War Ground Ngl ya
Libxy: As you can see kai is getting better and better at his acting.. we don’t deserve you kai
3cocofrl: Less fucking go finna be on this shi Kai congratulations on 10Mill
141martin: This was a dope trailer imma definitely tune in
lorylittle: The cinematography is soooo good the lighting in the deli is everything
courtneysmith677: Yeaaa Kai! I can’t wait
LMSH: amazing
jeyexe: droppin a trailer like dis for a gaming stream is crazy
garanceee696: the "bomboclaat" really got me haha
paradox356: can we appreciate how much effort kai puts on these streams

May 12 2024

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