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ELDEN RING LORE Godefroy the Grafted

Sercroc: blue smelter godrick
andrebarbosa5374: Godefroy’s existence implies an event in which George R.R Martin cries as he writes 17 additional pages of lore because Miyazaki showed up that afternoon saying “fuck you im adding another Godrick to the game”
Anch0rd: You've done irreparable damage to what cohesion existed for my understanding of the lore. Delete Godefroy
mitchl6896: Vaati in absolute SHAMBLES after this
Arei1283: I always thought that godefroy was just Godrick’s father and son of Godwyn, which is why Godrick has the “the golden” title, which is shared by Godwyn, this also explains why Godrick’s demigod blood is so tainted because he’s so far from the original lineage, thats why he’s more like a distant relative to marika than a actual Demi god

Furthermore, the walking Mausoleums have the corpses of dead Demi gods, also Vyke killed two Demi gods and got two great runes, showing there were more “distant cousin” like Demi gods that weren’t important, similar to Godrick
Thorgrax: Godefroy sisters, we literally cant stop winning.
adradox: DLC will introduce Godefraud The Limbless.
Julys443: Yep, i think thats it, the worst ER lore video on yt
tl_nik0n353: TLDR

Elden Ring is trans as fuck
brinverheijden2701: Didn't Vyle collect two great runes? I've always wondered which ones, maybe one of em was Godefroy's?
D3adMoros3: While I understand that the Three Sisters is a minor point in the video, I always kinda thought that the towers are the sisters and it’s just a poetic name of this particular architectural ensemble
nameless458: Vyke invades you as a frenzied flame follower and also has a past version of himself trapped in an evergaol (before the 3 fingers get him).Perhaps Evergaols hold memories of those who where trapped in them at the time they where trapped.

Maybe Godefroy is a past version of Godrick, where he changed his name to sound like Godfrey in leyndell, but then they hounded him out of the city and lock him in that evergaol for grafting and someone released him later. The jail held that specific version of Godrick just like it did with Vyke.
RedAequus: Vaati been real quiet since this dropped...
urtoryu_dy_althraidn: As a lore enthusiast, I've always LOVED Godefroy.

He isn't just a boss, and he isn't just a character. He is a living, breathing MEME, and not just a meme, but a world building theory fuel/satire parody/shameless manifestation of internet reviews 3 in 1 meme combo, as a BOSS. And added on top of that he's ALSO a "look how far you've come" moment.

There's way too much to love about this piece of trash, and I can proudly say it's my absolute favorite trash in the lands between.

All that said, Astel Star of Darkness still sucks. He's another recycled boss, but lacking almost all of those things I just listed and without a funny name like "Godefroy".
piklepower: I wonder if at fromsoft they were wondering what to put in this ever jail and some guy just said put godrick but give him a stupid name and everybody was like yeah that’s pretty funny.
Appers: Oh shit, this is by the by, but this video made me realise how much sense it makes that Rennala's great rune would actually be Ranni's lost rune! Rennala wouldn't recieve her own rune as someone outside of Marika's lineage, we know that Ranni cast her rune off, and we recieve the rune after defeating an image created by Ranni. It makes sense that Ranni, not needing her rune any more, would use it to protect her dear old mum instead.
PatPeez: So from what I've come to understand the evergaols are largely meant to be inescapable (except for Blaidd for unkown reasons) so maybe thats why the sky inside them is pitch black. The stars determine fate, and once you are in the evergaol you no longer have a fate, you're just stuck there, forever.
aegis766: If I'm following along, I think I agree with the notion that Destined Death refers to the death of an *identity*. There is a real-life concept called ontology, which is the idea of a thing having *thing-ness*, an identity that both differentiates and relates any given thing to other things.

By removing Destined Death, Marika removed the notion of a discrete identity
45proteinconsumer: it really bothers me that godefroy is just a copy of godrick and they didn't bother to weave him into the story more or give him his own character model.
goldenlost1761: Godefroy would have beaten Malenia if he were at Stormveil instead of Godrick.
sumoftheshore: Maybe Godefroy is Godrick's fate. Maybe the removal of the rune of death separated the innate fates of people into separate entities instead of deleting / suppressing them (as was probably intended).

If the fate of the average scrub is to just die and move onto the spirit world then this could explain why spirits are trapped under the Golden Order because their fate has effectively already been split off from them before they died (pretty much what your diagram shows, but not a mirror image but a continuation of that person in another plane).

So then the question is what happens if someone is not fated to die like a scrub but instead has some level of immortality or is fated to ascend to something greater. Could their fate become a real, living thing that can coexist with them?

We are told that the stars can manipulate fate so maybe this lead to the fate version of people being directly manipulated and could explain some of Radagon and Radahn's actions. In fact with the right knowledge could people start manipulating their own fates by influencing the movement of the stars?

Could help explain why Ranni had to die in some obscure ritual to regain her fate (she can wield the fingerslayer blade so she must have a fate) - could she have forced herself into the next plane with things in place to get herself back? Or could it be that it's Ranni's fate version that we actually interact with in game all along?

Feel like I'm starting to lose it now too but I can't shake that there is an explicit set of rules in place that would make everything click.
sclafantasy: “Relanna” being Renalla’s “sister” mentioned in the DLC preview drives home your point re: identity
jovimbeee: Maybe Godefroy is the friends we made along the way

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