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Elden Ring Lore - The Ravenmount Assassins

karenapczynski4785: In the trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree there's a part where the player is fighting multiple enemies in dark cloaks and they all are holding exactly what is depicted on the wooden tree candle shield.
whatsnewbois9814: Ravenmount Assasins: "Who the hell ar-"
Garris: "Hippity Hoppity, your Cave is now my property" (Summons the undead upon them)
marystone860: FINALLY! A video about these guys! They're so facinating! I sincerely hope that we find more about the Ravenmount Assassins in the DLC, given by it's nature, is looking PRETTY likely! LOVED this vid!
TheKrossRoads: If you count the Recusants of Volcano Manor and Mohg's bloody crew, there are quite a few groups of killers roaming the lands. So it's no wonder why there aren't a lot of members of any group: they've all been murdering each other.

Add in the demigod wars, the spreading of rot and deathroot, the emergence of the frenzied flame, and the Golden Order's attempted extermination of like four groups by themselves, and it's a wonder anyone is still alive.
stampede274: The face under stormveil is directly under where we get the Ravenmount Talisman. Before you jump down to fight the Tree Spirit, you find Rancorcall, which mentions Garris, so I feel like there's a stronger connection between the Black Knives, Garris, and the Ravenmount Assassins. My theory is that many of the Ravenmount were Numen who became
ElimGarakSpoonHead: Someone please convince me that’s not just a chicken rib cage on his face
Umbra_Ursus: The sad truth is the Ravenmount Assassins are quite likely like the Dark Brotherhood: Relics of another era, that simply died off with time. The Deathrite Birds are clearly something more than their followers, but the assassins themselves appear human. As whatever religion surrounded the deathrite flames was either burnt out or culled away, the beasts and flame persisted, but the cult wore down, until they become little more than the scraps we find. It'd explain why there only seems to be the one left, and their items are just trinkets left about.
joelhemphill1968: I would love a lore dive into the lion guardian enemy
Grimsly3736: I think we are definitely seeing these guys in the Land of Shadows, possibly we could have another enemy invader being a Raven Assassin with unique armor since from looking at the Raptor’s Black Feathers we have in game the description is only describing the “robe” which is probably just the cape since underneath is just the Bandit set chest piece which I think was Fromsofts way of telling us the assassin we fight is old since it seems he went from honored assassin to then taking up banditry probably due to the fall of Ravenmount then became a bloody finger, heck maybe this will be Fromsofts way of giving us another ghostflame sorcery as well

May 16 2024

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