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Elden Ring Lightning Slash Zweihander Does Shocking Damage! Level Up From PvP Part 5

Space_Australian: I always found it funny how Moongrum has (rightfully)earned this reputation of being the parry GOD, but then when you kill him the shield doesn't even come with a parry skill.
theus__: Imagine waiting all day for this man to upload
Wolfcone: "I don't read! Unless you count anime subtitles." -- Chase 2024

Brother is speaking for an entire generation of degenerates. hahahha XD
MadMacPCKL: 22 begging for dedicated curved sword parry
Yobolight: If you kill the host first, try to get a fire kill on the phantom because the death animation is much faster. It’ll allow you to get both runes.
tobiasbehnke939: Btw, you can still start Rannis Quest after killing Radahn, you just miss out on a bunch of dialogue.
Just make sure to do Seluvis' quest before picking up the Fingerslayer Blade in Nokron.
kiltysalter2966: Things to see and do in The Lands Between, Season 2, Vol. 5

*Put Bloody Slash on Rogiers Rapier, and use it*
gingerbread3686: its quite the dent in my sleep schedule whenever chase records this series as these videos come out a 3am for me and i just cant wait until tomorrow to watch them.
comutakoritkoqkor6744: st. trinas torch does shock- ..that doesn’t even make sense.
BEETLEDJUICE: Looked like you forgot the deathroot in the chest at Black Knife Catacombs. R U sayin ur not gonna Feed grandpa!?!

May 29 2024

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