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ELDEN RING is so easy now

4NIC_JAY: Got people in kai stream saying call jev
davincislive: According to souls players unless you go fist only you cheesing the game
scott6595: Flexin Elden ring being easy is crazy, Kai over there struggling
theDegausser: Jev, people gonna complain no matter what you play with. You beat the game with your fists. Haters gonna hate man, keep being you
99gg-gg99: jev mustve been tuned into kai dying to mohg 100000000 times last night.
Umjii1: "SIT" looking at the camera caught me off guard LMAOOOO
theDegausser: Jev on Elden Ring has become my happy place over the last two years. Thank you Jev.
sbaffled: kai used you as big motivation jev <3

been watching since 2015, keep your shit up
darrelsmanic2766: Try doing an incantation only build, they're fun af.
sleepster5035: Owl father is waiting
wizhkf5667: Cant wait for the dlc playthrough
dochtuir: Bro, the energy at the end got me wanting to run this game
jtrent4137: Jev from a souls game vet, you could beat every souls game at soul level one with only your left fist and there would still be someone who’s unsatisfied. If you’re doing this for you valid but if it’s to prove something to them you never will, they’re just like that.
RacPixel: Damn Kendrick really got everyone actin out LOL. W vid
Brimps556: we want more ufc predictions
sevkiman2461: I will do ZERO pushups for every like this comment gets
akuro3532: Love your elden ring videos and always love more

May 18 2024

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