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Elden ring Invading An Immortal Cheater? Level Up From PvP Part 3

AaronPierceStaton: Taking on that cheater was masterful. Imagine having infinite stamina, focus, and hp, and still letting your host die.
1st-Law: Feel free to make these longer. I’m loving the casual nature of this run
mjay6245: Imagine being a cheater with unlimited everything and still losing to a level 30 with 3 weapons.
Adam-tu1qx: "What a way to play the game man"

"How pathetic..."

Chase like never insults anyone, but that just made these hit so much harder
b_a_nned: When you're so ass at the game you need to rely on a cheater to go through the game
pedrocoutinho4584: I invaded a guy with the same build that wasn`t taking any damage either and died. Invaded again and found them afk, used blackflame blade on the claws and in the end there were so many bleed procs that I hit him with 70k damage when it registered. Got almost 400k runes from him.
fuwafuwarowatari: imagine cheating, still letting your host take the brunt of an invader, and then losing.
PiercerOvHeaven7: The no gauntlets really gets to me
RKGrizz: I had no idea you could get a second emote from Patches. This game is never ending.
jaredscott1186: Cheater the unkillable vs Chase the undefeatable!
Cristian_383: I love this series, Chase
kiltysalter2966: Things to see and do in The Lands Between, Season 2, Vol.3:

Brick Hammer - Stormveil
Iron Whetblade - Stormveil
Golden Seed - Roderika’s shack
Blaidd’s Quest - Somber 2, Bloodhounds Fang
Optional: farm a CGS.
Omen Cleaver -Stormveil
Dismounter - Kaidens
Arrows Reach Talisman
Fringefolk Hero’s grave - take a shortbow - gain a greatbow, Erdtree’s Favour, Dragon Talisman
Stormveil - Farm a Golem’s Halberd, Golem Greatbow.
Great Lance?

Arrow’s Sting Talisman
Lifesteal Fist AoW
Gowry/Millicent - Dex Talisman
Cross Naginata - Gael Cave
Wakizashi - Gaol Cave
Regalia of Eochaid - Gaol Cave

Winged Sword Insignia - Stillwater Cave
Treespear - Bottom right
Carian Retaliation - Pidia, Caria Manor
Kill Smarag
Raya Lucaria - Spear Yeet AoW

Death Counter: 1
Stormveil was Windy. Ep.1

Side note: when you hit 8 weapons, I’d love to see blood-infused Rogiers Rapier, even though this is more of a str/arc run. It applies bleed so well that AR is almost irrelevant. Especially with the parry tool in the off-hand.

Oh and consider doing Caria Manor before Raya Lucaria. Having Retaliation for Moongrum, Renalla and Clifford is super useful.

Catch ya next time!
malickv: I cannot wait to play DLC and watch it from you man.
waylanddavick9459: The way you handled that cheater was perfect. I'm sure a lot of the people you invade think you cheat, but the skill difference between a cheater like that and yourself is obvious as soon as you interact. Really good to watch it go down like that too - you toasted the host while standing in water. They must've been so confused about getting handled like that.

I will bet the cheater was thinking, "How do I get that guy's code?"
argonaught: Pretty sad when someone cheats and still can't win. What a sad life.
codybunz6311: I like the transition from the rune clearing to arriving as an invader
pequod4906: completely immortal cheaters is why Miyazaki invented cliffs to fall off of. Almost hope you encounter this guy again in Haligtree Branches or something just so you can remind him that there's one force stronger than hacking, and it's the cold inevitability of gravity.
luciusireckon2469: Your banished Knight sword luck is something I'm envious of.
It took me an hour and 15 minutes to get the to get the damn helmet from the ones in stormveil
Floridaman912: I had this same cheater hop in my max lvl fight club. He is trash.
etem2006: Longhaft axe has some insane hyper armour on its heavy

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