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carsoneck1812: that’s.. a lot… of hours..
siobhan-rae: this is what i’m here for, sean playing exactly what he wants whenever he wants. makes me so happy.
kingofflames738: Out of all the endings Ranni is my favourite one. It's literally just "Fuck this place, Fuck the Order, I'm leaving with my wife and take the damn ring with me. Good day sir!"
BigMac87963: It’s one thing to upload an almost 12 hour video, but EDITED? Jack was right. Huge shoutout to his editors Trey and Vincent
Travinator4: “There’s no point down emote” he says as he scrolls right next to the point down emote
Kachizou: Sean being able to play what he wants and his fanbase actually following and supporting him, slightly restores my faith in humanity.
vividravus: All hail, return of Bonk,
The continuation saga.

gotta take an extra day off to watch this season.
grellish: Insane how Jack managed to take on soldier of Godrick that early and on his first attempt. What a legend!
magycpanda: Sean instantly referencing Ryshadium horses when he sees the tree sentinel makes me so happy, I love that he has gotten into the storm light archives
sturdybutter: Me: ”man what am I gonna do all day Sunday?”

Jack: “well well well, you’ve come to the right place”
kaidevaleria2531: I want to confirm for you Sean if you had any doubts, you talking about your mental health is so relatable to me and I greatly appreciate it. I'm also living for these fromsoft videos.
nachoesposito6673: "Hello, traveller from beyond the fog"
"It's just called Ireland"

fucking killed me
remylevine6519: I’m sure someone’s commented this already, but the Mohg you fight in the sewers isn’t the real Mohg. He’s an Omen projection, presumably cast by Morgott to prevent anyone from reaching the Three Fingers. When you defeat this version of Mohg, he dissolves into golden dust, which is exactly what happens to the projections of Morgott you fight when he’s masquerading as Margitt. If I remember correctly, if you go into the sewers before beating Morgott, there’s also a barrier that prevents you from going further and says “Sealed by Morgott the Grace Given” or something along those lines, which also appears at the Altus divine towers too. So I think Morgott just placed the projection of his brother down there as a last ditch effort to prevent someone from inheriting the Flame of Frenzy
skeletonentertainment4201: *looks at length of the video*
operationanthony7032: I love the fact it's now confirmed that BONK has something akin to alopecia. BONK is so strong that not even hair can hold him back from being as aerodynamic as possible
ambertaylor9174: 12 hours of happiness listening to a majestic Irish man playing one of the best games ever
cheyennebarton: i use your playthroughs as ambient noise during my workdays and they keep me so productive and i’m so grateful for these sagas to keep my career afloat
BakaChizu: Honestly... I usually have youtube videos in the background at all times of my life. This. Is. Perfect. It's great to chill with, clean with, sleep with, do homework with its great. Plus, it fulfills my need to play this game, but I'm scared to because I suck at games. Perhaps this will give me courage.
code_koriel: Expectation: Elden Ring appreciation and a new build I could try

Reality: Jack discovering his Bill Burr impression, talks about mental health and youtube life, Jack putting bosses in the fcking ground
neonex8860: Log 1:
I’m 1 hour in and already I see this will take multiple sittings to finish. I’ve been through all the Fromsoft “full game” videos but this is a whole different beast. I begin to doubt the fact that someone can talk for 12 hours straight, but it is Jack we’re talking about. I don’t intend to spoil the video but I will keep this log updated to track my own sanity. For Scepticeye science.
MadelineJolley: Sean once said in a Farcry video long ago “because that’s what this is about: having fun.”
TAM_Smithy: Sean, your continuous use of "The Bonk" has brought me immeasurable entertainment. I am currently creating a fantasy world, and have now created lore in honour of your Milk Drinking creation.

Thank you for brightening the world with your content. I wish nothing but the best for you.
dylanstevenson7757: It would cost approximately £50,000 to hire an orchestra and hire out the royal albert hall, and with the 5272 capacity of the royal albert hall it would be a possible without tickets having to be sold for a ridiculous amount
tonystank9650: OH MY GOD JACK UR TIMING IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! i have a script i need to finish and i will be playing this in the background!! THANK YOU THANK YOUU
icetide9411: I'm happy someone else pointed out the the Godskin Duo has one of the best boss tracks yet is the worst boss. They don't deserve that perfection
kalico_kat541: sean dropping the stormlight archives references is giving me life <3 so glad more people are reading this series
VollcrumHD: Gotta give respect for Sean for uploading a full playthrough of 12 hours, without doing it in parts
user-lq3xg4wu4j: This man is just pumping out literal movie series in single videos
GrimGearheart: Your long let's play series have definitely filled more of my life than an afternoon. I still go back and rewatch your let's plays regularly. Don't underestimate what your content means to people. For lonely people, the types like me who don't maintain real friendships, just sitting down and watching you play a game fills a hole. And there are games I've played just because you played them and they seemed fun. Yeah, doing the constant indie horror games was not my cup of tea. But I love stuff like this, your God of War playthroughs, your Spider-man playthroughs, etc.
sharkpuppii9606: Hi Sean,
I just wanted to comment and say that I put this on my laptop while falling asleep and when I woke up and switched it back on in the kitchen, you were talking about your anxiety and depression.
I am a law student and have recently been spiraling into a really bad place. I can't claim to be one of your first viewers, an avid donator, or somebody who likes and watches all your videos.
But it really fell close to my heart and made me feel less alone for withdrawing and feeling some of the things you feel.
I love your content, I have followed along since I was about 14, and you have always made me smile or laugh, even if it is just a snort through my nose.
Thank you for being such a positive, fun and encouraging source for me and millions of others. Keep doing what you love, and we will love it and you in this parasocial way as well lol
violet_blossomss: Sean being literally next to the Point Down emote and not selecting it while saying it doesn't exist was crazy, but that's why we love you Sean <3
penriplays: Im a 35 years father and husband and I've been watching you for many years. You're a real inspiration. You remind me often to just have fun. I often try to be perfect and get overwhelmed and stressed. These videos are a real voice of calm. Thank you
Captain.Capybaraa: I work alone in a bakery at super early hours and long videos like these are so comforting to watch and keep me company while I work
iamconfusement: Sean just disappearing for days and returning with this
biackwargreymon4113: the best part of these long videos is that its all edited and somehow enjoyable throughout the whole thing
cant wait for a sekiro run
polycatmagic1236: If anyone was curious, "drawing room" is actually is a shortened form for "withdrawing room", as you withdraw to it after your meal or whatever
nanshenanigans4025: Even with only being 20ish minutes into the video, I have to say that it is an absolute joy to watch Jack play all these Fromsoft/Souls-like games this way. The best part imo is the random bits of wisdom given in between the adventures of BONK! Truly a masterpiece of content
fletcherraleigh8220: As someone who's read Stormlight since middle school hearing Jack make all these references is just making me geek out sooooo hard!
thefrostyslime: On the off chance this comment reaches you, Sean, I wanted to say that your videos never fail to bring me comfort and joy. I have late diagnosed ADHD, as well as the prerequisite anxiety & depression, and you've always felt like a kindred spirit. Thank you for all your hard work over the years!
user-lm6lx4ub4l: Jack-a-boi is this ur way of telling us to get ready for a full playthrough of the Shadow of the Erdtree, ive BEEN REEEEEEAAAAADYYYYYYYY
Hepheat75: I think the reason why the Tarnished starts in the church of anticipation is because if you look closely at that dead body, it's actually a finger maiden. So I'm guessing she's there to assist whatever Tarnished arrives in the Lands Between, but the guy in the white mask killed her so that he could be the first to influence whoever came. But that's just my interpretation.
thebatchild: I really really love these long videos because it feels kinda just like hanging out with someone while they play and I've even caught myself responding a few times as I sit here and crochet, like I would have if I was hanging out with someone on a couch while they played games. These videos and a joy to watch because you really seem to be having a good time with them, and they just provide a day's worth of comfortable background noise.

Also, as someone who is absolutely dog-shit terrible at Souls/Bloodborne/Elden Ring, I love getting to see so much of these games without putting myself through frustration lol.
gamedevdurein: My family and I watched the entire bonk series and now my daughter who is only a year old keeps going around saying "me bonk, me kill"
jaxonwoolstenhulme3324: “There’s no point downward. There’s a point up. Go in the fuckin sky?” Jack. Point down is RIGHT NEXT TO POINT UP
gabrielach867: Watching Sean play the games he genuinely loves shines through. This is entertaining because every actions he makes and every word he says is from the heart so he isn't really doing a bit. Best of all, he's giving honest opinions about a game he loves, both praise and criticism, while also being civil and constructive. Keep being you Sean because you are doing a great of work making people happy by sharing your happiness!
kuparisiipi5173: Oh my, I suppose I know what I'll be watching all week on the evenings
Spookyma2: Jack: I cannot equip level 30 strength axe with 20 strength

2 handing a weapon: adds 50% bonus strength
austenrhys1155: The "minor Astels" you find in the underground and in caves are called Malformed Stars -- that's the "enemy type" that Astel is, and he's the special case :)
Blue-vl9bc: When I die, I hope I sit in a room and watch all of Sean’s “souls games in one sitting” videos back to back. That sounds like paradise
TheObscuresausage: The full game Fromsoft videos are such a comfort vibe, just Jack enjoying the games he enjoys most and having a bloody good time with it. As such, being a huge Fromsoft fan too, I have a bloody good time with these videos too. Thanks again man.
paytondoughty2271: A drawing room, when they were first created, were rooms that you could go to after a meal to relax. Originally called a "withdrawing room". It was a place to feel safe and comfortable. Asking someone to withdraw to the drawing room with you was an invitation to get to know the guest better :)

Hearing Jack talk about his depression and anxiety makes me feel so seen. It's not often talked about by people that I actually look up to. It's nice to know that I'm not going through this thing alone.
Boxerwing1970: Hey Sean! I know you will never read this, but I sympathize with your issues of imposter syndrome and depression. I really appreciate how honestly you talk about your problems, and it makes me connect with you on an emotional level. I am an old fart (just turned 54) and I can relate with you. It may sound strange, but we as humans have similar experiences no matter our age. I really respect you and your work and know how hard an effort you are making. Thank you for this. Also, I LOVE these play throughs and always look forward to them. Thank you, Sean, just for being you.
Rex92002: I just want to say a lot of people really appreciate you, I surely do. I'm alone most of the time and having these videos with you talking and playing games feels like hanging out with a good friend, so thank you Sean
MythicFire_: Amazing editors. The time is takes from Trey, Vincent and Jack to make these. I am incredibly grateful for these, they are amazing videos!
anthonywarheart4413: Sean, I think you misunderstood whatever that thing about Pompeii was trying to say.
The people of Pompeii died in various stages of the eruption of Mt Vesuvius, but the reason they were found the way they were is because of the ash and crap that then settled around their bodies. Eventually, the ash solidified, and the bodies decomposed. When they started excavating the city, the found empty pockets everywhere, and were very confused until someone decided to fill one in with plaster, and excavate the crap around the plaster, realizing that each empty hole was in the shape of a body.
In a way, you're right about it being similar to the atomic shadows of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but it was less instant. Though some of the deaths were likely similarly "instant" from the pyroclastic flows, others were killed from the other stages of the eruption. Regardless, the statues of plaster are not standing and walking like some of the atomic shadows, but lieing, crawling, and sitting, as they were long dead before they were "preserved" by the ash.

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