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Elden Ring Frostbite Is Cool At Low Level! Level Up From PvP Part 6

M.R.B.T_7890: If you don’t like chase consider yourself a opp
danodino7234: just something about how calm you are is so nice
P4nt3ra4life: Chase doesn’t sigh with grief at the obvious OLP but rather gleefully salivates while rubbing his hands together like a Despicable Me villain
R1ddle: Bro you stay calmer in PvP than I do against tutorial enemies. Your coolheadedness and knowledge are crazy. You got me to load up Elden Ring again:)
AdrianMRyan: I very much appreciate that even Chase gets in losing R1 fights with the dogs.
mikhailradik4508: Chase, you should consider also adding sleep to your status proc build, it would be great at these levels. I think there's a torch with sleep buildup available somewhere...
guygordon2780: Chase: "I really need more endurance." (Kills phantom for 41,000 runes and levels up Strength)
BreadNHoney: Fun alternative to progress Ranni's quest, instead of going to Seluvis and thus Sellen, you can actually go talk to Jerren at Redmane Castle. You can mention Iji to him then go talk to Iji to mention Jerren and he will realize what needs to be done. That will start the Festival at Redmane Castle
samueljardim3807: Hi chase! I was the mage in the first invasion. GGs! Unfortunately, the host didn't survive the gank of scholars lol
spiraljumper74: Black leather shield is top tier fashion for real. Used it as my main parry shield for basically my entire first playthrough. It looks very nice with any piece of the warrior set really.
XandyEhhh: I feel like a Poison/Blood Grave Scythe would be an appropriate weapon for a Str/Arc build, also a poison covered scythe is just cool as heck!
SurrealKeenan: I feel like miyazaki would love this playthrough
slinku: I think the weapon in the first invasion, wielded by the host, is the Rosus Axe? It's pretty bad overall, but it ALSO lets you use Rosus' Summons, which is like, a slightly better version of Tibia's summons... which... uh... I ran out of things to say about it. Purple torch or whatever.

May 30 2024

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