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Elden Ring DLC Story Trailer REACTION BREAKDOWN Shadow of the Erdtree

godly_potatoe69xd19: Honestly I think the reason why Miyazaki said “we will reveal more about their relationship in the future” as if they weren’t the same person is that when miquella divested himself of grace and empyrean flesh, it separated him from st Trina, hence st Trina sinking when it talks about him getting rid of everything.

Edit: I don’t think the voice of the girl is st Trina cuz it talks about following miquella and miquella abandoned st Trina (I think) and it would just be weird for her to speak so subserviently imo.
frizzman1991: Narrator: "A war followed... one that could never be put to song."
The music playing in the background: "well, this got awkward."
darth-_-6407: IMO, Miquella's RUNE LOOKS LIKE a MOON (representing sleep and Saint Trina) a SWORD (representing him as an empirean)
kreadapelu8813: That very first scene. Marika’s fist gripping and removing something from a very bloody vagina and climbing bloody steps surrounded by pillars of corpses, seemingly forging a Great Rune… it’s a bit icky but does sort of connect to Deathbed Companions.. the baby they make is a Great Rune forged by binding the dead person’s spirit with the Campanion’s spirit.
noahdaniels357: In that first scene it almost looks like Marika is pulling the two mountains of bodies together. Call me crazy but it almost seems like she's literally shaping the tree itself out of the bodies and their life essence is that golden aura in the middle, like she's sealing it in the tree. Absolutely terrifying,it would also lend itself to that burnt tree in the dlc cover almost looking like it was dripping golden amber. Just throwing stuff out there for thought
shogomakishima7224: It wasn't Marika on those first two shots. It was Radagon. He had snake bracelets and pulled out the Elden Beast / Elden Ring out of the corpse of the past god (Gloam Eyed Queen). He used her just like he used Renalla.
g.e.whitman: i bet finding the runes will be how players get their buffs
shawnmiller1432: To me it looks like The beginning is Marika forming the lands between
cardmossdn8058: The music is so good man
s8theninjawarrior916: My theory for the dlc is that when Miquella saw the tyranny of Messmer over the lands of shadows, he went there to fix this (remember he always helped the forsaken) and he decided to divest himself to save this afflicted world, but when we find him, this world might have very well corrupted him...

May 22 2024

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