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cyberinitiative2312: I hate that so many people call the new enemy godwyn
carseatgaming: Only one month away till I don't see my family for a month lol
thesketchartist6328: It’s definitely not the lion boss
EldenLord.: The second picture is most likely a new loading screen.
gmee123: I am so excited for this DLC.....this game just keeps giving and giving with all the secrets and builds and exploring. Almost 1400 hours in the game currently, I'm still randomly finding goofy little things I never knew. Pure genius' at game development.
S2_Nukky: It would be insane if godwyn becomes a boss
hare75: 1 month before elden ring GOTY part 2
multiman6857: Just started playing this game today without knowing anything about it and I have to say it is very hard
LordPunk: I still need to play the game. I feel like I can beat Kai’s time
mldrkopr: Can’t wait to put aside all my real world priorities to grind this dlc out. Starting my first completed run when the dlc was announced, now 150 hours deep and in ng 2. Game of the decade fr.

May 25 2024

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