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Elden Ring DLC Gatekeeper

illuminary6954: bro probably wakes up, gets on, no hits a boss and goes back to bed
Crocopotamus: 20 seconds in and I'm already seeing stuff I didn't know was possible. Parrying the blood shower... okay.
Patches887: This show is called "naked and afraid" where ONGBAL is naked and the bosses are afraid
AbassAli092: This was not a fight, This was an execution.
FrenziedFlam3: How many things you wanna use to bully the boss ?
Ongbal : Yes
PierceArner: Carian Retaliation to eat the Bloodflame & using Rock Blaster as he's Nihiling were great – but seeing you using both Establish Order & Explosive Ghostflame directly in his face despite their long wind-ups were beyond satisfying!
Shady272: I'm just glad I don't have to defeat YOU to access the DLC
zee7090: Bro is gatekeeping for sure
HesitateandyouLose: I love it when you hold yourself back by not leveling the stats up, just to enjoy the fight longer.
I am huge fan of things like that. I even saw every endings of Sekiro without leveling the attack power up. It was kind of addictive, you see. I assume you would understand my motives.
lazarenadaraia6446: you know he's him when he makes a skill based magic build
manaveshwarsingh7521: DID HE JUST PARRY THE SHOWER?????
BabaIsViewer: using the omensmirk mask for mohg is such a mood, seeing as it's modelled after the nightmares that omen see in their sleep (to make omenkillers that much more intimidating)
shankypanky8879: It feels like we are all seeing these animated 3D models in 3D environments while all ONGBAL sees is just green lines of code like he is in the Matrix.
shahrulanwar750: Mesmer better watch out for this guy.
VishnuGopinath: I got 2.3k hours in this game and I didn't even know you could carian retaliation the bloodflame. What the fuck, Ongbal.
excalibur2596: You can carian retaliate the blood shower?
Patrick_Gameman95: Ongbal you can't even imagine how grateful I am to you, I learned so many things from you about Elden Ring and if I am the gamer I am today it is only thanks to you. You don't know how much I would love to exchange opinions with you and show you my fights.

Thank you for existing, you are my idol
x_tweezy: “Babe wake up, ONGBAL dropped a new video”
Raine_Sakan: Sometimes I wonder how fast ongbal can just absolutely obliterate a boss. None of his no hits shenanigans and his variety build. Just him trying to kill a boss fast as he can.
ulysses5340: June 21: DLC release date

June 22 Ongbal video notifications be like:
Messmer the Impaler, world's first
Miquella no hit boss fight
Godwyn only parry
alanrichter1: This is what no DLC does to mf. Bro said "ima beat you with the most unoptimal diabolical setup".

Jun 05 2024

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